Friends turn Ford EcoSport, Volkswagen Polo & 2 more cars into a mobile COVID-19 ward [Video]

The second wave of COVID-19 in India has put major pressure on the healthcare system. In most cities and town across India, beds are not available for COVID-19 patients and there is a shortage of medical oxygen too. Well, people are trying to help in any way they can. Here is a story of six friends who have turned four of their own vehicles into mobile COVID-19 wards.

The six friends are using four cars to help COVID-19 patients who could not get a bed in the hospital. They have lined up the cars outside the hospital and anyone who needs the emergency oxygen can sit inside the vehicle and get the oxygen. They even keep the AC of the car on to ensure that the patients are comfortable inside the vehicle.

Out of four cars, one is the Ford EcoSport while the other vehicle is the Volkswagen Polo. We are not sure about the other vehicles used by them. The friends have been doing this for a few weeks now and according to the video, they help at least five to six passengers every day.

The friends are sourcing oxygen from various places in the city. They said that they have to wait for hours in the queue to get the oxygen refill. However, they are now facing trouble sourcing empty oxygen cylinders. That is why they are trying to source the cylinders from any patient who has recovered or has passed away.

The friends keep one of the vehicles stationed at the spot to ensure that anyone who comes with the need of oxygen gets it. The video shows the Ford EcoSport and the Volkswagen Polo. However, the other two vehicles are not visible.

Friends turn Ford EcoSport, Volkswagen Polo & 2 more cars into a mobile COVID-19 ward [Video]

Plan to help more

The youngsters are doing all the help with their own money and they are not taking any help from outside. They are planning to get a full-fledged ambulance in the near future. Also, with the added equipment and help, they are planning to help at least 40-50 people in the future. The oxygen scenario is quite scary in India. With international aid pouring into the country, there are many who are not getting proper treatment and oxygen on time.

The government has started to install new oxygen plants at the hospitals and has already started a help like Oxygen Express that is transporting oxygen in green corridors without any stoppages anywhere.

There are many who have made good use of their vehicles in these testing times. One of the families in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh turned their vehicle into an isolation centre for their mother. The mother got treated in the vehicle itself and also got recovered by the end of it. There are many others who use their vehicles to transport patients, oxygen cylinders and other essential supplies. In fact, a person came from Bokaro with an oxygen cylinder to Noida after driving 1,400 km.