From practical to utterly impossible, some wild Royal Enfield modifications to drool over!

Royal Enfields are arguably the most modified motorcycles in India. There are probably tens of thousands of customisations and mods on the roads of India. Yes, the RTO is not always tolerant of these modifications and sometimes may even confiscate the modified motorcycle. This, however, has not stopped fans from customising their Enfields to their hearts’ content. Here are some that caught our eye a long time back, brought back for your viewing pleasure!

Rajputana Customs’ Nandi

Rajputana Customs' Royal Enfield Nandi Custom 3

[Image courtesy Rajputana]

Rajputana Customs’ Nandi is a custom motorcycle based around the 500cc unit construction engine. A massive 300mm tyre sits at the rear, dominating the looks of this bike. A 23 inch front tyre ensures that the Nandi is bull-like out and out. The motorcycle features hubs made of billet aluminium and has a jack shaft making up for the second drive. This is indeed a very unique layout but one that increases frictional losses. Springer front suspension and drop down mirrors are other details that give the Nandi a very distinctive custom look.

Nino Custom Cycles’ Troy


[Images courtesy BikerMetric]

Nino Custom Cycles of Delhi has built the Troy, a motorcycle built around the Royal Enfield Machismo LB500. The motorcycle looks like a marriage between a board track racer and a dragster. The Troy features a drop down straight bar, springer front forks, a massive rear tyre, delectable wire spoked rims, a peanut fuel tank and a single seat. The motor breathes through a K&N pod filter and a straight through exhaust. So, this is one loud machine even when it’s barely turning over.

Piet Smit’s Royal Enfield Olympic

Piet Smit's Royal Enfield Olympic Custom 1

[Image courtesy WeRoyalRiders]

Dutch bike builder Piet Smit has put together the Olympic bike, quite literally. This custom motorcycle has been put together with a five ring design, that doubles up as the frame. These five rings also symbolize the Olympics, and hence the name of the bike. The motorcycle is built around the 500cc, cast iron pre-unit construction engine. Allowances towards modernities include a front disc brake and an electric starter. The bike continues to retain a neutral finder and the gearshifter on the right.

Piet Smit's Royal Enfield Olympic Custom 2

Vardenchi Customs’ Dragster

Vardenchi's Royal Enfield Dragster Custom 4

[Image courtesy Vardenchi]

Vardenchi Customs’ Dragster is a custom motorcycle built around the unit construction engine. The bike can be powered either by a 350cc or a 500/535cc engine. Built to resemble a dragster, the custom motorcycle looks more like a custom cruiser, something on the lines of the Harley Davidson Fatboy. The Dragster features a twin seat, with the pillion having to stick to the rider. CNC cut wheels, an eighteen litre fuel tank, an LED speedometer and a signature laser engraved fuel cap are some of the other features.

Bulleteer Customs’ Vayu 350

Bulleteer Customs' Royal Enfield Vayu Custom 1

[Image courtesy Bulleteer Customs on Facebook]

Bulleteer Customs’ Vayu 350 is a custom bike built around the 350cc cast iron engine. The motorcycle, like most stuff that comes out of Bulleteer Customs, is designed to work well in the real world, and handle well too. Dubbed the Vayu 350, this custom bike features a proper boulevard cruiser look with plenty of custom parts all around. From the twin exhausts to the beautiful blue and white paint job; to alloy wheels and disc brakes, the Vayu 350 is a head turner.


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