Front-wheel driven Tata Harrier SUV vs Deep Slush: This is the result

We have featured several videos in the past on our website that show why is it not recommended to take a two wheel drive SUV off-road. The front wheel drive SUVs are actually suitable for driving in the city conditions were there are potholes and broken roads. No matter how powerful the engine on a two wheel drive SUV, it should not be taken off-road. Several videos are available on the internet regarding the same. Here we have a video of a Tata Harrier that gets into a section with deep slush.

The video has been uploaded by SUKHAN CHAND on YouTube. In this video, the vlogger was casually driving the Tata Harrier on a mud road filled with water at places. As seen in the video, the Harrier crossed several dirt patches without any problem. On the same road, vlogger comes across a mud and water filled pit. It looks like, he under estimated the depth of it and drove the vehicle into it.

It was a deep and the front and rear wheels on the right hand side of the car got stuck in the mud. The vlogger started trying to get the Harrier out and he was successful to some extend. The SUV was loosing traction as the front wheels were unable to find any grip. To make matter worse, it started raining as well.

The area were the Harrier was stuck had mud all around and when it got wet from rain, the surface became extremely slippery for the tyres and made it hard for even people to walk on it. Vlogger then started making some progress. His friends started putting rock under the rear wheels so that it can come out of the mud and using the front wheels the Harrier can pull itself out.

Front-wheel driven Tata Harrier SUV vs Deep Slush: This is the result

Vlogger started moving the car front and rear to create momentum to come out of the pit. The front wheels were free but, the rear wheels were still in the mud. After rolling the car to front and rear many more times, vlogger manages to bring the Harrier out of slush.

He can be heard saying in the video that the car has decent power in it. If it was an AWD or a 4×4 SUV, it would have come out of the slush very early as power is sent to all the wheels. He did not ask for assistance and brought the SUV out from the slush on its own. Although it may look good but, this practice can actually burn the clutch on your car as it is under lot of pressure during such situation. It is always a good idea to get your vehicle towed if it gets stuck in slush.

One more thing to be noted here is that no matter what SUV you are driving, always have a backup vehicle. If in case something goes wrong like in this case, they got stuck in the slush. The backup vehicle can actually help in recovering the stuck vehicle. We won’t recommend anyone to take their two wheel drive SUVs off-road as they are not meant to handle such difficult terrains.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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