Front wheel driven Tata Harrier vs slushy climb: This is the result

Tata Harrier is one of the popular mid size SUV on sale in India. It is a front wheel drive SUV and comes with terrain response modes to tackle minor obstacles in the urban jungle. Tata Harrier is not a hardcore off-road SUV and we have shared several videos and pictures in our articles explaining why it is not recommended to take a 2WD or a front wheel drive SUV off-road. Here we have one such video where a Tata Harrier is seen trying to climb a slushy incline on a mountain road.

The video shows a Tata Harrier on a mountain road. It looks like the driver took the SUV to extremely tough terrain. The road is actually broken and there are rocks in the path. The surface looks wet due to rain and that has made things even more harder for the SUV. The short video shows bunch of people standing on the side and some of them are pushing the Harrier.

With the help from people, the driver managed to move the SUV forward but, as the slope became steeper even the help from the people was of no use. The front wheels on the SUV can be seen spinning vigorously. The road tyres on the SUV are not able to find any grip. The front wheel SUV was stuck at the spot and getting stuck on a mountain road during rains is a risky thing to do. In mountain regions, loose rocks can fall from the mountain any time and this can easily damage the car and even injure the occupants.

It looks like the Harrier was not travelling in a group. This is another mistake that people make while going off-roading or explore a new place. It is always a good idea to have a local of the place or a backup vehicle when you got out for such trips. It is not known whether the Harrier finally climbed up the climb or not.

Front wheel driven Tata Harrier vs slushy climb: This is the result

The road looks extremely tough and we feel that the driver might have driven the SUV back or may be some other SUV might have pulled it up. Tata Harrier as mentioned above is a front wheel drive SUV. In front wheel drive SUVs as the name suggests, the power is only sent to the front wheels.

While off-roading you need to have an AWD or a 4×4 SUV in which the power is sent to all the wheels. If one of the wheels in a 4×4 SUV get stuck, the other wheels can easily pull it out and can find grip. In case of a front wheel drive SUV, if front wheels get stuck, the rear wheels can’t do anything as they have no power. The wheels would simply keep on rotating in search of grip. Tata Harrier is a rugged looking well built SUV but, it is not an off-roader. This is applicable for all the front wheel drive and 2WD SUVs that are currently offered in the market.