Frontal crash tests for cars to become mandatory in India from October 2015

We recently brought to you the news of the Datsun Go and Maruti Suzuki Swift performing poorly in the Global NCAP test. The made-in-India car duo came back with 0/5 stars and Global NCAP went on to add that the Datsun Go’s structure was inherently so weak that fitting airbags to it was of no use either. The Indian authorities handling vehicle safety seem to have suddenly woken up to reality and have announced that frontal crash tests for all the cars will become mandatory from October 2015.

Maruti Suzuki Swift during the Global NCAP Safety Test 

The frontal safety test would involve testing cars by pitting them against an obstacle at front, at a speed of 56 Kph, which while being slower than Global NCAP’s 64 Kph, is still better than the previous limit of 48 kmph.

Road Transport Secretary of the Indian government, Mr. Vijay Chhibber has stated,

We will notify the regulatory norm by next March, when facilities to carry out such test will be ready. Then the manufacturers will have over six months to comply with the norm. When they can produce cars with minimum and mandatory safety requirement for other countries, why can’t they do the same for our domestic buyers?

The test, however, will not give the cars any rating but will instead be a regulatory norm to be complied with. The government is also working on setting up Bharat New Vehicle Safety Assessment Program (BNVSAP) whose regulations are still being worked upon. Like the various NCAP safety tests, the BNVSAP will be provide vehicles with star ratings after undergoing a crash test. On the other hand,  Global NCAP has also welcomed the Indian move but added that “the guidelines for the Indian safety system should be in sync with UN’s guidelines.

Source TheEconomicTimes