Frustrated Ola S1 Pro owner sets his electric scooter on fire [Video]

Electric scooters are still a new technology in the Indian market. Because there have been several incidents in the past few months and customers are getting irritated. A frustrated owner of Ola Electric’s S1 Pro has now set his electric scooter on fire.

The video is shared on YouTube by Sun News and it already has more than 1.5 lakh views. The video is being shared on several different media websites. In the video, we can see the owner pouring petrol on the scooter and then setting it on fire. The name of the owner is Dr. Prithviraj.

According to Sun News, Dr. Prithviraj was unhappy and not satisfied with the performance and riding range. He got the scooter about 3 months ago and he has been facing some kind of issue from day one.

Frustrated Ola S1 Pro owner sets his electric scooter on fire [Video]

Dr. Prithviraj called Ola Electric’s customer care and they did send a technician to take a look at the scooter. Ola Electric did not find any issue with the scooter. Dr. Prithviraj says the range of the S1 Pro is unpredictable and inconsistent.

One day, his scooter stopped working after just 44 km near the Ambur bypass road, Tamil Nadu, which made him very angry. Then, he set his scooter on fire by pouring a bottle of petrol on it. We can see the scooter burning in the video. For reference, Ola Electric claims a riding range of 181 km and a true range of 135 km.

People have reported erratic riding range from the S1 Pro. The scooter’s range on the digital display would drop suddenly after 10 to 15 percent. Some people have been able to achieve around 125 km which is quite close to what Ola claims. Whereas, other people have not been able to get more than 100 km.

Electric vehicles depend on certain factors to achieve their range. For instance, the right of the rider. As the weight of the rider increases, the riding range decreases. The same is true if a pillion is sitting on the electric scooter. If the road has an incline then also the range decreases because more electricity is needed to climb. However, if you are on a downward slope then the riding range will increase because the scooter starts regenerating. Other factors on which the riding range depends are weather conditions, riding mode and how aggressive the rider is with the throttle.

Ola claims a true riding range of 135 km if there should be only one person on board who weighs not more than 70 kg, no additional load should be carried on the scooter, the roads are smooth with a maximum 2-5 percent of incline, the scooter is ridden moderately in the Normal mode and the weather conditions are optimal (between 24-35 degree Celcius).

There are also other issues that people are facing. Many scooters are being delivered with uneven panel gaps. There are screeching noises, headlamp issues, scooter going in the wrong direction etc. An Ola S1 Pro caught fire recently and the company has launched an investigation into it. Moreover, Ola Electric has also recalled 1,441 units of S1 Pro electric scooters that belong to the same batch as the scooter that caught fire.

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