Fuel stations in India getting ready to display Rs. 100/litre prices: No kidding!

Fuel prices in India have only been going up and up over the last few weeks. While the common  people are complaining about the price-rise, the fuel pumps themselves are facing a different kind of problem. The price of petrol has already crossed the Rs. 90 mark in many Indian cities and is inching towards the Rs. 100 mark. However, the problem is that the fuel dispensers in India are not equipped to display the three-digit price of the fuel.

Fuel stations in India getting ready to display Rs. 100/litre prices: No kidding!

While the country is bracing up for the price hike, fuel stations across India are getting ready to display the digit price on the dispensers. Most of the Indian fuel stations are connected to a central server and the daily price revisions are done through the same server. While many new machines may display the price above Rs. 99.99/litre, there are a major number of fuel dispensers that would not be able to show the revised price.

It is not known what exact steps fuel companies are taking to upgrade the fuel dispensers yet. It is expected that the fuel dispensers will be upgraded to the new ones or they will receive a software update that will enable them to display the three-digit prices in the country. It should be noted that a price higher than Rs. 99.99/litre can be entered in the fuel dispensers but it will show only the 100+ figure. For example, if the fuel price rises to Rs. 106/litre, such old dispensers will show only Rs. 6/litre. It may create some confusion among the customers, which is why the dispensers are being upgraded.

The rising price of the fuel is caused because of the high demand for crude oil, which in turn is causing an effective hike in price regularly. Currently, petrol is selling for Rs. 90.22/litre in Mumbai while diesel is priced at Rs. 78.69/litre. In Delhi, petrol is retailing for Rs. 82.86/litre and diesel for Rs. 74.12/litre.


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