Fully solar-charged Tata Tigor EV: Owner drives 12,500 Kms for free

Electric cars are gaining popularity in India. Tata Motors is currently the most popular brand in the EV segment when it comes to cars. With fuel prices rising and low cost of maintenance have attracted a lot of customers towards electric cars. Tata Nexon EV is probably the most popular electric SUV in the market. After the Nexon EV, the manufacturer launched Tigor EV in the passeger electric vehicle segment. We have seen several ownership videos of Nexon EV owners talking about their experience with the EV. Here we have a video where a Tigor EV owner has been charging the EV for free.

The video has been uploaded by PluginIndia Electric Vehicles on their YouTube channel. In this video, the presenter talks to the owner of a Tata Tigor EV. The owner of Tigor EV is actually associated with automobile industry and he bought the electric sedan fiver months ago. Ever since he bought the car, Tigor EV has been his daily driver and he has already completed over 12,500 km with the car. In this video, the owner talks about things he liked and did not like or things that could have been better in the Tigor EV sedan.

The owner mentions that before Tigor EV, he used to drive a regular Tigor sedan. He is a fan of the design of the car and that is why he bought the sedan. In comparison to Nexon EV, Tigor EV is almost Rs 3 lakh cheaper and is offering almost the same driving range as the Nexon EV. This is because sedans are  more aerodynamic when compared to SUVs. He can be heard saying that the electric SUVs do not return good driving range mainly because of their design. He drives the car daily for almost 60 km and he has never plugged the car to a fast charger.

Fully solar-charged Tata Tigor EV: Owner drives 12,500 Kms for free

He has not spent a single penny on charging his car. He has installed a 10 kW solar panel set up at his home. This means that his home is also running on solar power. Solar panels are a good source of energy for homes but installing them is still an expensive affair. If you are ready to spent the amount, then it can charge your EV and can also run your home. The owner mentions that he never uses public charging stations. He prefers charging the car at home. He has driven the car for almost 12,500 km and he is quite satisfied with the performance as well. He tells it on video that he is a rough driver and always has the car on Sport mode.

The overall experience of the owner with Tata’s service is pretty good. Coming to the things that the owner wished could have been improved include the tyres. Tata has offered low resistance tyres with the EV and the owner is not happy with them. He mentions that wheelspin on these tyres is a lot but that could also be because the car is always driven aggressively. He mentions that Tata should offer a variety of tyre option from which the owner can choose. He also felt that the interior of Tigor EV feel the same as regular Tigor and Tata could have offered something different specially when you consider the price of the car. He also wants a rear AC vent which is missing in the car.