Furniture shop owner lends Toyota Innova Crysta to Kerala police to tackle Corona Virus

We are currently going through a crisis and are trying our best to contain the spread of Corona virus in the country. We have police officers, medicals staffs, essential service providers are all working round the clock to make sure that people don’t come out of their houses unnecessarily. Almost every car manufacturer in the country has made contribution to the relief fund and are helping in all the possible ways. Manufacturers like like MG Motors India recently had announced that they will be providing 100 MG Hector vehicles to the front line workers across the country who are fighting against COVID-19.

Furniture shop owner lends Toyota Innova Crysta to Kerala police to tackle Corona Virus

Here we have another news from South Indian state Kerala where a person has handed over his car to the police department to Corona virus relief work. The incident happened in Kerala’s Puthukadu in Thrissur district. Puthukadu police was trying to implement lockdown in the region but were running short of vehicles. Pullokkaran Devassy who is resident of the area and a furniture shop owner came to know about this situation and offered his Toyota Innova Crysta to Kerala Police.

As soon as Mr. Devassy came to know about this situation he contacted Puthukad SHO and sub Inspector, and told him about his decision. Both the officers agreed to it. Devassy has not just offered the car but is even ready to drive them around during this time and is also bearing the cost of fuel. This was definitely a good gesture from a citizen and the help would have been a huge relief to the police in the area.

The Toyota Innova Crysta is one of the most reliable and comfortable people movers sold in India. It also gets a slew of safety and luxury features that make it the top choice for those who want a comfortable MPV. Maintenance costs are also low, which is one big reason why even the taxi market loves the Crysta.

Meanwhile, Kerala was the state where first Corona virus case was recorded in the country. The state government along with the help of medical staffs, healthcare workers, police and volunteers and fought against the virus successfully. The number of cases reported in the state have tremendously gone down over the weeks due to strict lockdown measures. We are all aware of the current situation and it is recommended to maintain social distancing and the safest option is to stay inside the home and not get out until and unless it is unavoidable.

Source: Mathrubhumi

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