Future Maruti Ertigas: 3 ways the next-gen MPV may look like

The current generation Maruti Ertiga was launched in 2012, and since then it has gathered a lot of popularity in the market. The 7-seater MPV is almost considered to be the ‘perfect family car’ in India. Now that the current generation of the Ertiga has completed almost six years in the market, Maruti is now working on a replacement that is expected to launch in 2018. The new Ertiga will also be lighter and will be based on the same platform which underpins the newer Maruti vehicles like Baleno and the DZire. Here are three ways the new Ertiga may look like.

Swift inspired

Future Maruti Ertigas: 3 ways the next-gen MPV may look like

Maruti has completely overhauled the DZire recently and it is currently working on the next generation Swift, which will be launched next year. The new Ertiga may carry a few changes from the all-new Swift.

This render shows the headlamps of the new MPV being inspired from the next-generation Swift. The render shows how the new Ertiga may retain the shape but can get fresh looks because of the updated face. Overall, the shape remains the same, but with the Swift fascia, the new Ertiga looks very attractive.

Sleeker Ertiga

Future Maruti Ertigas: 3 ways the next-gen MPV may look like

The next-generation Ertiga may become a lot sleeker than the current generation. This render shows exactly how. This render also gets inspired by the next-generation Swift but the headlamps are a lot sleeker, and the grille gets minimal chrome. The car still looks quite premium and sleeker in this render done by Adrians Ramadhani.


Future Maruti Ertigas: 3 ways the next-gen MPV may look like

The Maruti Ertiga is an MPV, but this render shows that the MPVs can also be sporty. This is a speculative rendering from Minkara which shows the aggressive version of the vehicle. If Maruti gets such a model in India, it will be something similar to the Mobilio RS. The car gets a huge trapezoidal grille up front while the headlamps are inspired from the new DZire and upcoming Swift. The render car even gets a front bumper splitter giving it a much sportier look.


Future Maruti Ertigas: 3 ways the next-gen MPV may look like

The Dreza is not a render but an international model of the facelifted Ertiga, and is in production. The Dreza can be the sporty MPV that everyone is looking for in the market. The car gets a distinctive front-end with the bent grille. The bumper is also not like regular cars but gets a very attractive set of design that looks similar to the front grille.

The Ertiga Dreza gets a lot of chrome garnish too and a new spoiler on the rear. It also gets precision cut 15-inch wheels that give it an attractive stance. Maruti may not bring such a design to the conservative Indian market.

What do we know so far about the new Ertiga

The new Ertiga will be based on the HEARTACT platform, which also underpins the Baleno, DZire and the upcoming Swift. The new platform will make the car lighter, which will mean that it will have better performance and better fuel economy. The Ertiga may also get a new set of engines when it is launched.

Maruti is working on a new 1.5-litre diesel engine that can be used to power the next-generation Ertiga. Currently, the Ertiga gets 1.3-litre diesel engine that is criticised by many for being underpowered. Maruti is also developing a new 1.5-litre petrol engine, and the current 1.4-litre engine may get replaced with the new motor.

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