Future Safaris: 4 ways the next-gen Tata Safari SUV could look like

Future Safaris: 4 ways the next-gen Tata Safari SUV could look like

It’s about time that Tata Motors begins building all-new versions of the Safari Storme. The flagship SUV from Tata, the Storme, is beginning to look quite dated in terms of both design and the features it offers in comparison to competition. Here are a bunch of speculative renders that point to how the new Safari Storme could look like.

Inspired by Land Rover but with an identity of its own

Tata Safari Render 1

Tata owns Land Rover, and now uses engineering and design inputs from the British luxury SUV marque. The next-gen Safari Storme is likely to get a design that’s inspired by the Land Rover but with a distinct identity of its own. This speculative render from Vipin Vathooppan indicates just that.

A wider stance with increased body width could make for a much more planted look. A completely new front end that takes cues from the existing design but is different enough to give the vehicle a very fresh look, a boxy Land Rover-inspired rear, plenty of chrome and 7 front facing seats are

Totally boxy, totally old-school

Tata Safari Old School

Tata could decide to go the old-school way with the new Safari, given the steady increase in interest Indians have about off-roading and leisure driving. A proper expedition-ready vehicle, taking cues from the ertswhile Land Rover Freelander and Defenders seem to be the inspiration behind this CarWale render. A tough-as-nails ladder frame chassis, a torque-y turbo diesel engine, top quality interiors and and plenty of features should characterize such a design. But will Tata be bold enough to go the old-school way? Time will tell.

Inspired by the Ladakh concept

Tata Safari Storme Ladakh Concept

If Tata Motors wants to keep costs low and run the Safari Storme for a few more years, something similar to the Ladakh concept that was shown at the Auto Expo could be built with little expense. When it was first shown, the concept did look quite futuristic. Adding LED headlamps, DRLs and a few other design cues could make it fit right into the present. Taking such an approach will allow Tata to retain all the good attributes that it has developed for the Hexa, and use it on the new Storme, at little cost.

An Indianized Land Rover Discovery Sport

Tata Safari Storme Render

This render from Rushlane shows just this – a Tata Safari that looks like an Indianized version of the Land Rover Discovery Sport, an entry-level offering from the British luxury SUV maker. While Tata Motors could take some cues from the Discovery Sport, a straight copy is very unlikely given how devaluing it would be for the Land Rover brand, bought mainly for the image, performance and luxury offered.