Future Safaris: 4 ways the next-generation Tata Safari SUV could look like

The Tata Safari is one of the oldest Indigenous SUV to be in production. First launched in 1998, its been in good demand till now. As the competition is now building, its important for Tata to launch a new version of the Safari Storme. Lets now take a look at four Safari Renders, which show what the next gen car may look like.

Inspired by Land Rover but with an identity of its own

It’seems been confirmed that the upcoming Tata H5X and H7X will use Land Rover platform. As Tata owns Land Rover, the next-gen Safari Storme is likely to get a design that’s inspired by the Land Rover but with a distinct identity of its own. This speculative render by Vipin Vathooppan indicates just that. A wider stance with increased body width could make for a much more planted look. A wider look up front will also appeal to a larger audience along with that gorgeous headlamp assembly. Chrome detailing certainly will up the oomph factor, and LED DRLs will also enhance the Safari Storme’s look.

Totally boxy, totally old-school

Given the steady increasing interest of Indians in off-roading and leisure driving, Tata could come up with something as utilitarian as this. This design seems to be inspired by the Land Rover Discovery 3, especially the headlight assembly. A strong ladder-on-frame chassis, a torque-y turbo diesel engine, top quality interiors and plenty of features should characterise such a design. This CarWale render induces true Land Rover DNA into the car fused with traditional Tata design.

Inspired by the Ladakh concept

The Tata Safari Ladakh concept that was first shown at the 2014 Delhi Auto Expo was quite a surprise. Well, now if Tata Motors wants to keep costs low and keep the vehicle running with the help of a facelift, something similar to the Ladakh concept could be built. It will also prove to be very economical as only some parts would be added along with the butch tyres. Adding LED headlamps, DRLs and a few other design cues could make it fit right into the present. Pricing has always been a Tata strong point and it can prove itself again by positioning the new car aggressively.

An Indianised Land Rover Discovery

The new-generation Land Rover Discovery is a very capable off-roader and a stunner. Tata could use it as an inspiration for their new Safari as depicted in this Rushlane render. Apart from sharing the platform and design cues, what the car can learn from the Rover are proper off-roading manners. Though it is unlikely that Tata would copy the whole design, that front end for sure looks amazing and would be lovely to see on the original car. What Tata can do is to develop its own design inspired by the Discovery.

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