Want your car to feel more futuristic? We bring you seven accessories that will make you feel that you are in the future.

Car Locator

car locator

Are you the sort of person who finds it difficult to find their car in a mall car park? This accessory can be your saviour then. This car charger doubles up as a car locator. All you need to do is plug it into the 12V socket in your car & download the application on your phone (android/apple). When you shut your car, a location is sent to your phone via the app and on opening the app, you can find your car. The best part is that you don’t require signals either (which is something we like as no basement has signals).

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Tron wrap

tron wrap

Inspired by the sci-fi film Tron, many people are now getting Tron wraps on their car. How it works is that the whole car is first wrapped in a colour of the owners choice and then is highlighted by a thin reflective strip that glows in the dark. There are already a few examples in the country. 3M is one such brand that is doing Tron wraps.

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Driver assist technology


Yes, this technology is already available on certain high end cars ( Volvo’s, Mercedes’s, etc), however CarVi, an American based company has come up with an aftermarket driver assist technology. YES, you read it right. They provide you a chunky disc that gets attached to your windscreen. The disc contains a 720p camera & has wifi to connect to your smart phone. It captures live footage while driving and provides driver assist feedback. It also gives you a report on how you have been driving.

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Heads-Up Display (HUD)

heads up

A heads-up display projects vehicle information (speed/navigation/etc) onto the windscreen, in front of the driver so that he can see the information in his line of vision. This way the driver doesn’t have to take his eyes off the road. Some manufacturers are offering HUD’s as an option while you spec your car. However now you can have an aftermarket one.

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Torque Pro application

torque pro

Torque Pro is an OBD (On Board Diagnostic) application which enables you to get real time data from your car. It can get you fault codes (if there is something wrong with your car), car performance data & sensor data. In all, it can track everything that is going on in your car and sum it up in a log which can be used to see if the car is functioning all right or not. You will however require an OBD II connection to your car in order to use all the features. There are a few wireless OBD scanners available which can plug in to the OBD port and then can be accessed by a phone wirelessly.

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Easy car jump start


Everyone who has owned a car for sometime must have woken up one day to find their car not starting, whatever be the reason. Jump leads can be handy in such a situation, however if the leads are not connected properly, it could cause damage. This accessory fits into the cigarette lighter port. One end in the dead car & the other in the one that is running. This however will take 5-10 minutes.

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Wireless car charger mount

wireless charging

Nowadays having a phone mount is a common thing. We found a phone mount which can double up as a wireless car charger. A company called iOttie makes this wireless charger. The mount has a USB slot which connects into the cigarette lighter slot and that can charge your phone when you slot it in.

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Biometric car starter


A finger print scanner is a very cool feature & having one to start your car with is very futuristic. It also acts as a great safety feature. It can be programmed for multiple people as well.

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