Gautam Singhania in India’s 2nd Mclaren 720S, with a Mahindra Scorpio escort car

Gautam Singhania has just shipped in India’s second Mclaren 720S supercar. Mr. Singhania is the Managing Director of apparel major Raymond, and is a keen car nut. He also races cars as a hobby. Mr. Singhania’s  car has landed into the country days after another big supercar nut, Ranjit Sundaramurthy, shipped his 720S to Bangalore from Dubai. It’s priced at

Gautam Singhania in India’s 2nd Mclaren 720S, with a Mahindra Scorpio escort car

Like Mr. Sundaramurthy’s car, the 720S imported by Mr. Singhania is through Carnet (which allows individuals to import a car into India for a limited period of time after which it has to be shipped back), which means that it’ll eventually go back to Dubai. Mclaren does not sell cars in India.

A lot of rich supercar nuts in India prefer to house their rides in countries such as Dubai and the United Kingdom. They ship in cars periodically to India through Carnet. The reason they do this is to take advantage of better service facilities and roads abroad. Also, it allows them access to cars that aren’t available in India, like for example, the Mclaren 720S.

Gautam Singhania in India’s 2nd Mclaren 720S, with a Mahindra Scorpio escort car

Coming to car itself, the Mclaren 720S is powered by a 4 liter V8 twin turbo petrol engine that makes  710 Bhp and 770 Nm. Needless to say, this car is seriously FAST. Why, Mclaren even claims a blazing 2.8 second timing for the 0-100 Kph run. Top speed? Well in excess of 300 Kph.

Mclaren is building only 400 launch editions of the 720S, which makes the car quite special. The car is available in three trims – normal, luxury and performance. The top-end performance trim consists of an exterior carbon fibre pack with air intakes on the hood, wing mirrors and rear air intakes.

Then there’s the meteor grey front splitter, front air intakes and rear diffuser. The window surrounds get a Satin graphite finish while the engine is ambient lit. Alcantara and Nappa leather upholstery add plushness to the interiors while Zircon silver and brushed iridium brightwork make for nice contrast. There are carbon fiber bits on the interior as well.

Images courtesy Supercars.of.India

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