“Genchi Genbutsu” — Toyota’s Winning Mantra

Travel, they say, makes a person better at many levels. We agree and can attest to the fact that it has the same effect on cars. Don’t believe us? Then answer is this. What do you think is the secret ingredient in Toyota’s formula for consistent, universal success?

It’s travel. Extensive travel. The kind of extensive travel that covers five of the seven continents in the world. The kind that can only be powered by a philosophy that guarantees perfection.

To the world, the 5 Continent Drive may well seem as an ongoing on-road activity that has covered Australia, America (North & Latin), Europe, Africa and Asia. But for Toyota it’s the pursuit of its philosophy, Genchi Genbutsu – a Japanese term that translates to Go and See.

“Genchi Genbutsu” — Toyota’s Winning Mantra

Toyota 5 Continent Drive

Go and see what, you ask? Terrain and road conditions, of course; from the Toyota Kirloskar Motor Plant at Bidadi in Karnataka, all the way to New Delhi — taking in Maharashtra, Gujarat and Rajasthan along the way.

In terms of road diversity, the convoy — which was flagged off in September — zoomed over the smooth highways down south, threaded across the dizzying switchbacks of the Western Ghats, tackled post-monsoon potholes in cities, and suffered the gruelling ‘stop&go’ traffic in metropolises.

“Genchi Genbutsu” — Toyota’s Winning Mantra

The journey was not all fun and games but was in fact a learning experience for the drivers, experts, employees, technicians, and partners — who together, made up the team. They experienced first-hand the challenges that millions of Indian car owners face on a daily basis; it truly was a study that cut across states and car segments.

Toyota’s flagship, the LandCruiser 200, led the convoy; followed by the Innova Crysta, Innova Touring Sport, Fortuner, Camry Hybrid, Corolla Altis, Yaris, and the recently launched Glanza. Additionally, the Suzuki Vitara Brezza that accompanied the convoy was a testament to the close relations that Toyota and Suzuki share in various markets across the globe.

“Genchi Genbutsu” — Toyota’s Winning Mantra

This crucial information is the bedrock on which Toyota has built its world-class manufacturing facilities. And it is the Genchi Genbutsu philosophy that underlines its best practices of quality control. The result is there for all to see: Cars built to rule undiscerning roads and serve discerning buyers.

In Toyota’s books, though, a perfect car alone does not make a happy owner. That’s why the 5 Continent Drive team also reached out to dealers and customers during their journey through India. Getting the whole picture is what allows the company to ensure a seamless, even pleasurable, after-sales experience.

“Genchi Genbutsu” — Toyota’s Winning Mantra

Toyota considers India as one of its most important markets, and it’s such on-ground activities that allow our existing customers and prospective customers a peek into the company’s dedication in ensuring the highest QDR (quality, durability, reliability) standards.

“Genchi Genbutsu” — Toyota’s Winning Mantra

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Full Recap

The Toyota 5 Continent Drive was created with one goal in mind: to make ever-better cars for their customers. They traveled the length and breadth of this wonderful nation for 10 days to understand it better – the culture, the roads and, most importantly, you.

Customer First

Toyota has always been a customer-first company. And behind the Toyota 5 Continent Drive’

Made For India

Toyota and India – a beautiful 20 year long journey with many more miles to cover. And the 5 Continent Drive was essential for to understand this wonderful country’s ever-changing nature.

Ever Better Cars

Roads train people, people build cars. This was the mantra of the 5 Continent Drive, which enabled the team to travel passionately throughout the world with their signature go-and-see philosophy (genchi genbutsu) to find solutions that help make ever better cars for their customers.