Get free fuel if your name is Neeraj: Fuel pump owner announces offer to honour Olympic winner

India won its first-ever gold medal in athletics at the highly competitive Olympics. Neeraj Chopra became the second Indian to win a gold medal in an individual event after Abhinav Bindra. While the whole nation is showing gifts to honour the achievement of Neeraj Chopra, a fuel pump owner in Baruch, Gujurat decided to honour the Olympian’s name in a special way.

Celebrating the historic win, the fuel pump has announced that anyone who is named Neeraj will get free fuel with Rs 501. As the price of the fuel is skyrocketing and has crossed the Rs 100 mark in many states and union territories across India, the announcement saw people queuing up at the fuel pump after the announcement.

According to the owner, this scheme is valid for two days. Anyone who shares the name with the gold medalist Javelin thrower will have to show a valid ID to claim the free fuel. This unique scheme has attracted a lot of motorists to the fuel pump and as the news spreads, there might be long queues at the fuel pump today.

Get free fuel if your name is Neeraj: Fuel pump owner announces offer to honour Olympic winner

Within the first few hours of the announcement, as many as 30 people claimed fuel for free through the scheme. The fuel pump owner, Ayub Pathan said,

“To pay tribute to Neeraj Chopra, who won a gold medal for India at Tokyo Games, we had launched a scheme for those named Neeraj. Petrol is being given for free worth ₹ 501 when people bring an ID proof with them. It is a very proud moment for us, when he won the medal. We started this two-day scheme on Sunday,”

Neeraj Chopra honoured

After Neeraj Chopra won the gold medal, state governments, union governments, sports authorities and businessmen did not make any delay to announce the prizes and gifts. While most of the state governments announced cash prizes, land at concession and government jobs, Anand Mahindra announced that Mahindra will gift a brand-new car to the player. Anand Mahindra took Twitter to announce the XUV700 as a gift to Neeraj Chopra. Mahindra is yet to officially unveil the car and announce its price.

Indigo airliner also announced that Neeraj Chopra can travel with them for free to take an unlimited number of flights for a year. Many other benefits and prizes were announced for the Olympic gold medal winner.

More such prizes and gifts are expected to follow in the coming times as well. The government officially welcomed the Indian contingent from the 2020 Olympics that landed in Delhi yesterday.

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