Get up to 75% discount on pending traffic challans in Hyderabad: Jt Police Commissioner

In an attempt the clear the dues of the traffic challan, Hyderabad Traffic Police will offer a discount on the pending challans. The new discount was applicable from 1st March, Tuesday.

Get up to 75% discount on pending traffic challans in Hyderabad: Jt Police Commissioner

The traffic police will offer a waiver of 75% for two-wheelers, 50% for four-wheelers including cars and heavy buses, 70% discount on the Road Transport Corporation buses and 80% discount for the pushcarts. For the penalties against not wearing a mask, the offenders can pay the challan with a discount of 90% of the total amount.

Hyderabad Traffic Police Joint Commissioner says that the new move is due to the economic conditions of the citizens caused by the COVID-19 related lockdowns in the last couple of years.

Get up to 75% discount on pending traffic challans in Hyderabad: Jt Police Commissioner

The violates will be able to pay the challan online through the website. He said,

“A link will be provided on the Telangana e-challan website through which citizens can pay up challans through online modes, Mee Seva centres, banks and traffic compounding booths. After the challans are paid, an SMS will be sent to the payer,”

Until now, around 1.70 crores pending challans worth Rs 500 crore is present. The discounts will allow the traffic police department to fill the coffers as well. There are no details on the challans but all of them are violations of the MV Act and other motor vehicle-related laws.

Maharashtra Govt started charging 10 times challan

Last year in December, Maharashtra Govt announced that the violators will have to pay a 10 times higher penalty for not paying the challans on time.

For example, if there is a fine of Rs 1,000 for a traffic offence on someone, who is not paying the fine even after the deadline, he is bound to pay a new fine of Rs 10,000. While this move is seen as a blow to the citizens, the government feels that it is the best way to make people realize the importance of traffic rules and fines.

In the entire state of Maharashtra, Pune ranks the highest for the number of pending fines, a majority of which are related to not wearing a helmet while riding. The concept of e-challan is effective in Pune since March 2017, and since then, the traffic police has collected a whopping amount of Rs 150 crore just as fines for violation of traffic rules. The introduction of the new proposal of collecting ten times the amount will add to this amount significantly.

Last year, Mumbai police cancelled the driving license of 2,000 violators who failed to pay the challan online on time. At that time, The traffic police department came out with three methods. The cops first made to the defaulters asking them to make the payment. If that does not works, the license was cancelled permanently. Mumbai Police will not give up the challan amount yet. They also sent a police officer to the registered address of the defaulters to collect the fines.