Ghaziabad youths arrested for bursting crackers from moving BMW and Mercedes sedans: Cars seized [Video]

Wedding processions like Baarats can sometimes become the cause for people to be reckless. In the most recent incident of getting caught doing stunts on public roads, three young men from Ghaziabad have been arrested for lighting fireworks from their moving cars. It was reported that the group of these men was terrorizing the streets of Ghaziabad in their BMW and Mercedes sedans. An Alto 800 was also accompanying them. It was also reported that their vehicles have been seized and three men have been arrested as well.

The incident occurred on Hapur Road in front of the Police Office and Collectorate in Ghaziabad and a 54 second video of this incident became viral on the internet. According to reports the police began the investigation and within 24 hours three of the accused men were arrested and all three cars including a BMW 3 Series, Mercedes Benz C-Class and the Alto 800 were seized by the police authorities.

During an interaction with media outlets, ACP Kavinagar, Abhishek Srivastava told that among the arrested accused are Shaukeen of Sahibabad Shaheed Nagar, Suhel, and Nadeem of Shalimar Garden. He further stated that during the police interrogation, the accused told that their friend Junaid’s marriage was in Mussoorie. He was going to Mussoorie from Shalimar Garden after joining the procession.

The accused further elaborated that on the way there, he set off fireworks on the car’s top. The video that became viral of the accused bursting fireworks from the moving cars show men hanging out of the video in Alto and Mercedes sedan. It was noted that the men from Alto 800 were recording videos meanwhile the men in Mercedes and BMW sedans were shooting firecrackers from what seems like a showgun from their cars windows.

Ghaziabad youths arrested for bursting crackers from moving BMW and Mercedes sedans: Cars seized [Video]

Time after time, cases like these surface on the internet. These sort of incidents instead of decreasing are increasing each and everyday. The major reason for these men and women doing stunts on public roads is gaining popularity on social media. It has become a norm for young people to perform these stupid stunts on roads to gain just a few hundred clicks, likes and shares. These people in pursuit of popularity don’t even hesitate risking their and more importantly life of others of the roads.

Prior to this case just a few days ago another young man from Uttar Pradesh’s Moradabad performing obnoxious stunts in the public was arrested by police authorities. In this recent incident a young man sitting on the bonnet of a Mahindra Thar without number plate was seen waving a pistol in his hands. As per the reports the video was shot in the civil line area of ​​the city. The video of this young man showing arrogance by waving a pistol also became viral on social media.

It was then reported that the man was a resident of Mughalpura, Moradabad and his name was Shakir Ali. He was detained by the Civil Line police of the city. Additionally it was also been reported that the Mahindra Thar upon the bonnet of which the man was sitting in the video was also seized. The police authorities in an attempt to further stop youth from doing these idiotic acts has also levied a fine of Rs 25,000 on the young man.




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