Ghost on the road, or clever editing: You watch and tell us

There has been a long debate on the paranormal activities around the world over their authenticity. More than often such activities are not caught on the camera but are “hear-say”. Here is a dashcam video that has recorded one. How authentic is this? You tell us!

The video has been taken on an empty road possibly going through a town. The video has a timestamp that is constantly visible in the video. Going through the empty roads, the dashcam records a person/spirit/ghost/shadow/presence/wraith or anything that you think it is. The video shows that the object wearing exactly the same clothes appears on the extreme left-hand side of the road again within 15 seconds of the first appearance.

The video continues to show the winding road and the headlamp piercing through the dark. After around 30 seconds on the same road, the same thing appears in the middle of the road walking slowly. The driver takes a reverse and comes back.  The whole town or the stretch of the road has no other visible human beings in the video.

The video seems to have been made in Indonesia, Malaysia or Philippines. It does not say what happened after the three spottings and if the driver saw the same figure again while coming back too. If you imagine yourself in the same situation, it can give you goosebumps but we’re not sure about the authenticity of this video in an age where a whole motion picture is made about an alien planet right from a studio. The video can be very well a set-up where the car driver had placed three different persons wearing the same clothes on the road to make a viral video. It is quite possible that the incident happened for real and the recording is showing actually what happened. What is this about? Please shower your thoughts and let us know.