Ghosts in Maruti Suzuki Dzire, on Royal Enfields – Funny or dangerous? [Video]

Whether or not you believe in ghosts, their lore is often rooted in made-up stories and mischief. I know, some of you would not agree but at least the ghosts you see inside the Maruti Dzire or on the Royal Enfield motorcycles in the video below are no more than mere mortals.

The video starts with the Royal Enfield motorcycle riders, dressed up as ghosts, scaring pedestrians on an isolated stretch of road during night time. Next, you can also see the same guys driving up to a few pedestrians in an old Maruti Dzire to scare them out of their wits. The video goes on to show many instances of these pretenders scaring many pedestrians with their rather crazy and funny antics.

Of course, these videos look staged and don’t appear to involve any real scaring of pedestrians. Plus, all the scenes seem to have been shot on secluded roads totally devoid of any sort of traffic, but an unsuspecting road user just might end up accidentally getting caught in the crazy theatrics.

In such a scenario, a pedestrian can easily get hurt by tripping over or simply falling down after losing his or her balance. Moreover, things can get out of hand if the affected pedestrian suffers from a heart condition or anxiety issues. Also, unsuspecting drivers or riders can lose control of their vehicles and end up having an accident.

Hence, such pranks on public roads can have pretty serious consequences when not staged. Legally speaking, those who have shot this video or have acted in it can even get into trouble, in case these videos are reported to the police. One needs to obtain permits from the local authorities to shoot such a video on a public road. Entertaining? Totally. However, such pranks can be very dangerous, especially if not staged.

Video courtesy – ADC Motion Pictures on Youtube