Girl on Honda Activa cuts off biker on KTM Duke: Makes a rude gesture [Video]

With the dashboard cameras and helmet-mounted cameras being widely used by people, the amount of road rage incidents that we get to see on the Internet is quite large. Here is one more such incident that happened in Maharashtra. The person riding the motorcycle recorded the incident and we want to know what you think about it.

The video on AMV Tube on YouTube channel shows him riding the KTM Duke on the public roads when suddenly a female riding a scooter suddenly makes a turn. As the biker reaches closer to her, he applies the brake and comes to a complete stop. The girl, who was talking on the phone while riding the scooter showed the middle finger to the biker. The situation aggravated as the onlookers gathered at the spot and started calming them down.

However, the rider kept on engaging with the female rider and even she did not leave the spot and kept on replying back to the person on the bike. This went on for a while and after that, they apologised to each other and moved on. The rider on the scooter came back and cut her off after a while and started arguing again. This time, she was talking about his behaviour and how he said things to him. He asked her to go to the police station to solve it but she did not agree with it.

He gets into road rage easily

This incident is not the first one or an isolated one. The very same person has been involved in a lot of road rage earlier too and he has documented them in his helmet camera as well. In an earlier incident, the guy was in a similar situation but this time with two female riders on the scooter. The rider cut him off in the middle of the road and then a long argument took place. Even then, the riders on the scooter came back into the picture after a few minutes to argue more. This is just too similar to the video above.

In another incident, a Maruti Suzuki Ertiga hit his motorcycle in the middle of the road. He then started arguing and the two guys come out of the vehicle to do road rage. The onlookers plead them not to fight and after arguing and screaming at each other for some time, they go away from the spot and pick up the fight again after riding for a couple of hundred metres away.

What do you think?

Girl on Honda Activa cuts off biker on KTM Duke: Makes a rude gesture [Video]

So do you think that these incidents are real or staged? We agree that there are numerous road rage incidents that happen on public roads every day and one can easily get into such fights too. But what do you think after looking at these videos? Do let us know in the comment section below and if you have experienced any such incident in the past, do talk about that in the comments too.