Girl Riding Jawa 42 Bobber Bike Has A Fall In The River [Video]

Rider falls while water crossing

Two-wheelers are probably the most preferred mode of transport for many people living in India. This is one of the reasons two-wheeler brands see India as a potential market for their new products. Over the decades, the bike culture in India has also improved, and we now have several motorcycles and scooters from different categories available in India. However, many people who ride two-wheelers still lack discipline, and this often leads to accidents.

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In a video shared by the Indian Bikes Forum on Reddit, we see a girl attempting to ride a bike across a river with a pillion. However, she loses control and falls into the river with the bike. The video is only 14 seconds long and shows the girl riding a Jawa 42 Bobber motorcycle into the river. Her intention was to cross the river and reach the other side, but a few things went wrong, and she lost control of the bike.

Almost immediately after hitting the water, the rider lost control, and she, along with the bike and pillion, fell into the pool of water. It seems the girl was attempting this for the first time and was not sure how the bike would behave once it entered the water. The bike entered the water through a shallow section, but as it reached the center, there was a drop, and the front wheel dropped, forcing the rider to fall.

The girl was also not wearing any type of riding gear, which is extremely dangerous. We all know how important a riding helmet is while riding a two-wheeler. The bike was completely in the water, and it looks like the water got into the fuel tank and air filter. The video doesn’t show if the bike was damaged or if it had any mechanical problems after falling in.

Water Crossing

If you are on a road trip and come across a stretch of water that you need to cross, there are a few things you should check before driving your car or riding your bike.

Girl Riding Jawa 42 Bobber Bike Has A Fall In The River [Video]
Rider falls while water crossing

First, check for tracks. If you see tracks around the area, try to follow them, as they are probably the most used way to cross that section. If you find an alternate way to cross the section without entering the water, that is the best option. However, if you have to enter the water-filled section, look for a few things before driving in.

Get a stick and check the depth of the water. Try to walk the obstacle; you never know what lies under the water. There might be small craters that could turn out to be a problem while crossing. Also, check for boulders or large stones that can make you lose your balance if you are on a bike.

Always do such water crossings alone. If you are on a bike, ask your pillion to get down and walk to the other side. Also, ask the pillion to push the bike in case it gets stuck at any point.

If the bike gets stalled during a water crossing, check if the water is not too deep, covering the silencer or air filter. If it is, then push your bike or car to the other side. Attempting to start the vehicle would only invite more damage. Also always wear proper riding gear and ride responsibly.