Girl riding pillion on a Yamaha R15 waves pistols: Video goes viral

No matter how many arrests take place in this country, these foolish social media influencers cannot comprehend that performing stunts on public roads and then sharing their videos online will only land them in trouble. On the contrary, the number of videos of this nature is just increasing and shows no signs of slowing down. Most recently, another video from Patna, Bihar, has gone viral. In this video, a girl can be seen standing on the rear of a sports bike with two pistols in her hands.

The video of this female influencer performing this dangerous stunt has been shared on X (formerly Twitter) by journalist Mohammad Imran on their page. In this video, which was shot at night, it is noticeable that the girl is standing on what appears to be a Yamaha R15 sports bike being driven by a man. As dangerous as it already is to stand on a moving bike, this girl was also seen waving two pistols in the air, one in each hand. This only adds to the reckless behavior of these young girls.

According to the X post, the incident is from Marine Drive in Patna, Bihar. However, there is currently no exact information about the girl, the boy, or the bike in this viral video. At the moment, we are not sure if any action has been taken against these reckless individuals, but many netizens have tagged Patna and Bihar police on this post to identify the actual perpetrators. Most likely, these so-called influencers will be apprehended, and appropriate actions will be taken against them.

Not the first incident from Bihar

This is not the first time a female influencer has been caught doing something of this nature. Recently, another girl from Patna, Bihar, came under scrutiny after her stunt videos went viral on social media platforms. Another journalist at the time shared the videos of this female influencer on X and sarcastically asked the Patna Police if performing such stunts is legal in Patna.

In the video that garnered a huge number of views on social media, it was observed that the girl, who goes by the name of Lovely Sahini, along with another girl who appears to be her friend, was seen riding on a Yamaha R15 sports bike. In the video, she overtakes a motorcycle from the left and, after moving to the right, slows down and revs the bike a few times before popping a wheelie. The girl then aggressively turns right and speeds away. It was also noted that neither the girl driving the bike nor the girl sitting behind her was wearing a helmet, which only added to the drama of this entire situation.

A serious message

It brings us great shame that we have to write about this again and again, but individuals like these simply do not understand that performing dangerous stunts like these on public roads is completely unacceptable. These influencers do not even think once before engaging in these actions. They perform these stunts solely to garner likes, shares, comments, and followers. So far, very few fatalities have been reported due to these types of stunts, but it is only a matter of time before fatalities start to increase because the streets of the country are filled with individuals like these, and one can only control their own behavior, not that of others.

Utkarsh Deshmukh

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