Girl riding Yamaha R15 crashes into a YouTuber standing on the roadside [Video]

Bike culture in India has grown over the years. We now have a variety of manufacturers who offer expensive and fast motorcycles. The demand for performance-oriented bikes have gone up in the Indian market and that is one of the reason why they are often spotted on our roads. No matter what your ride is, it is always a good idea to wear proper riding jacket to protect yourself in case of an accident. We have seen several YouTube videos where rash driving and riding has caused accidents. Here we have a vide where a girl riding a Yamaha R15 crashes into a YouTuber standing on the roadside.

The vide has been uploaded by Mr Aryan vlog on their YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger takes his Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R out for a spin.He took his bike for service and that is what is seen in the first part of the video. The Ninja ZX10 R is an extremely fast bike and one has to be extremely careful while riding this motorcycle on the road. The vlogger rides the bike quite rashly and after servicing, he takes the bike out on a Sunday morning ride.

One of his friend was also there on his motorcycle. The clarity of the video uploaded on YouTube is not the best and we could not make out what bike was his friend riding. They both rode the motorcycle through the busy highway and the vlogger mentions that the front wheel on the bike popped up couple of times while accelerating. After he was done with racing and riding, vlogger and his friend stopped their bike on the roadside. There was a pillion with the vlogger and he got off the bike. While they were waiting, a girl riding a Yamaha R15 crashes into the person standing on the side of the road.

Girl riding Yamaha R15 crashes into a YouTuber standing on the roadside [Video]

The girl riding the motorcycle was not wearing a helmet but the person sitting behind her was. It looks like she was learning how to ride a motorcycle. The vlogger and his friends were actually waiting for the girl only and they can be heard saying the same in the video. She crashed into the person standing on the road and she immediately hit her head on the helmet of the person to who she crashed. Girl lost balance and the bike fell. She can be seen sitting on the ground after the crash. The person who was standing on the road luckily did not get any injury. The fairing of the R15 only touched his body.

It looks like, the girl was trying to stop the bike but she could not press the brakes on time. The fault here lies with both parties. The person was actually standing on the road. One should never do that for safety reasons. The girl here was not wearing a helmet, she forgot to apply brakes and that is what lead to the accident and injury. One should always wear a riding helmet while riding a bike.