Girl stunts on bike with gun in hand: Fined Rs 30,000 [Video]

Performing stunts on public roads is both illegal and dangerous. In the past, we have seen several videos and images of people performing stunts with cars and bikes, causing inconvenience to other road users and leading to accidents. Even though most people are aware that such actions on the road are illegal, they still tend to do them for the sake of popularity on social media. Recently, a new video has emerged from Bihar showing a girl riding a Yamaha R15 motorcycle and performing stunts on the road.

The video was shared by the YouTube channel Bihar Tak and was filmed in the Marine Drive area of Bihar. In the video, the girl can be seen riding the motorcycle recklessly on a public road. It’s worth noting that she is wearing a proper riding helmet, which is commendable. However, that doesn’t give her permission to ride carelessly on the road. One of the circulating clips shows her attempting a wheelie while also applying hard brakes and trying to make the tail slide, all with a pillion rider on the bike.

In another clip that has surfaced online, the rider is seen displaying what appears to be a gun while riding the bike. It’s unclear whether the gun is real or a fake. The video shows the rider taking both hands off the handlebar and standing on the moving bike. All these stunts were performed on the Marine Drive area in Patna, Bihar. The video was uploaded on her Instagram page under the name ‘hunter queen’ and quickly went viral. Authorities noticed the video, and as we’ve been observing a trend among police officers to track down violators through social media and take action, the same happened in this case.

Girl stunts on bike with gun in hand: Fined Rs 30,000 [Video]
Girl performing stunt

The police were able to locate the rider and issued a fine of Rs 30,000. They also confiscated the gun that she was flaunting in her videos. Further inspection revealed that the gun featured in the video was not real but made of plastic. The rider was apprehended by the Gandhi Maidan police station near Lohanipur on Railway Hunter Road and was taken to the police station. The motorcycle was also impounded.

There are reports suggesting that the rider’s mother claimed she had to sell her jewelry to buy the Yamaha R15 for her daughter. The exact charges imposed on the rider in this case are unclear. Following this incident, the police have increased security in the area to prevent further incidents of riders engaging in such activities on public roads.

The video shows the girl riding the bike in a zigzag manner on the road, as well as performing other stunts. While she may be skilled at these stunts, public roads are not the appropriate place to showcase them. If one desires to perform such stunts, it is always recommended to do so on a private track or closed road. Additionally, wearing proper riding gear is essential. In case the rider loses control of the bike, it will not endanger others when performed on a private track.