Girls in Bihar run 2 Kms to reach exam centre after getting stuck in massive traffic jam [Video]

The anxiety of reaching an examination centre has hit us hard during our school and college days. However, this anxiety hit a new high for around half a dozen girls in Bihar, who were seen running towards their examination centre, after they were stuck in a traffic jam on a national highway. This incident has once again highlighted Bihar’s incompetency in managing infrastructure.

According to the sources, these girls started running towards the examination centre in the Kaimur area, as they were getting late. The girls were fearing that they would have been restricted if they hadn’t reached the examination centre on time. When they realized that the traffic jam in which they were struck was not going to clear on time, they started running towards the exam centre to reach there on time.

Most of these girls, who were heading towards the examination centre, were accompanied by their parents or were riding in autorickshaws. However, all of them got stuck in traffic jams, which left them immobile. To avoid wasting their time in the traffic jam, the girls abandoned the vehicles and started running towards their examination centre with admit cards and pens in their hands in the middle of the NH-2, Mohania.

The girls who were seen running on the highway were going to appear for their matriculation examination in Kaimur. These girls ran for around 2 km towards their examination centres in Mohania. There are 11 board examination centres located in various parts of the Mohania area, all of which were quite far from the spot of the traffic jam, where these girls were stuck.

Videos viral

Girls in Bihar run 2 Kms to reach exam centre after getting stuck in massive traffic jam [Video]

A few pictures and videos of these girls running on the highway have gone viral on the web, with many people sharing them on their timelines and accounts. While sharing these videos and pictures, the people of Bihar are questioning the government and local administration and blaming them for their incompetency in managing infrastructure.

According to the locals, the issue of traffic jams in Kaimur and many other areas was raised by locals recently. Even the district education officer of Kaimur district, Suman Sharma, raised this matter with department officials in her every meeting.

However, despite the increasing voices against the poor construction work on the highways, the officials of the local administration didn’t take suitable action on time. Though, the officials are now claiming that the problem of constant traffic in Kaimur has been solved.

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