Girls on scooter try to escape lockdown barricades multiple times: Arrested, scooter seized [Video]

India is currently under complete lockdown and has been more than a month. Even though it is quite dangerous to be outside their homes, there are many who are coming out of their homes without any reasons. During the lockdown, people are not allowed to come out except for emergency reasons. The authorities and police are taking steps to ensure that they catch such people and punish them to ensure that people remain inside their homes. Even with the cops seizing vehicles and arresting individuals who are coming out of their homes, there are many who can be seen on the public roads strolling around without a reason. Here is a video from Nagpur, Maharashtra where two girls can be seen on a scooter and are trying to escape the checkpoints and cops.

The video by UCN News shows two girls on Honda Activa on the public roads. They seem to be casually strolling on the scooter. The video shows them taking a turn after they spot a police checkpoint. However, more cops and guards come out from there to chase them. They make a U-Turn and try to escape. A female guard also tries to use her stick to beat her and stop her but fails to do so.

Both the girls on scooter successfully manages to escape from the area and the cops keep on shouting for help. In the last moment, a police officer comes out in front of them and stop the ladies from going any further. The cops can be seen giving advice to the ladies on why they should not come out of their homes during the lockdown and how it can affect them.

Girls on scooter try to escape lockdown barricades multiple times: Arrested, scooter seized [Video]

The cops also make them do sit-ups on the public roads. Later, the video says that the scooter that they were riding has been seized by the cops and the girls have been arrested for breaking the lockdown rules.

The COVID-19 has affected thousands of people and families in India. It is a highly contagious virus that can transmit from the droplets of sneeze of the infected person. This is why the whole country is under lockdown and people have been advised to stay inside the home and get out only if absolutely necessary.

Many state police departments have seized thousands of vehicles of the people breaking the lockdown. Many have been arrested due to the lockdown too. The government has partially lifted the lockdown for essential services. However, the lockdown remains in place for the common man to stop the spread of the virus. We request everyone to stay inside their homes during the lockdown period and maintain social distance to ensure that the spread of the virus is contained.