Girls on ‘weaving scooter’ nearly take a Youtuber down [Video]

Two-wheelers are extremely popular in India. So much that India is currently the number one market for the two-wheelers in the world. This is why we get to see a large number of two-wheelers on the roads. Many blame two-wheeler riders for their riding skills. Here is one such video where a YouTube vlogger nearly got hit by two ladies on the TVS Jupiter and then everyone argued about who is right. You watch and tell us who is right here.

The video shows the rider going through a street full of potholes. Suddenly, two girls on a TVS Jupiter make an entry from the side of the road to take a turn. They do not even check for oncoming vehicles and take the turn. The biker can be heard saying a few words and he started to try and talk to them too. While following them, the girl riding the Jupiter takes a sharp right turn, nearly hitting the YouTuber. That’s when they stop and the argument starts.

The YouTuber says that he did not notice them taking the U-Turn because he was concentrating on the potholes. The girl who was on the Jupiter said that she gave an indicator to move. Clearly, turning on the indicator does not mean that you have the right of way. Everyone should stop and wait for the roads to be clear to make such moves. However, in India, no one pays much attention to such things and just keep on driving or riding in the way they want.

Girls on ‘weaving scooter’ nearly take a Youtuber down [Video]

Both of them keep on arguing on who is right and who is wrong. The YouTuber even points out that they are not wearing a mask or a helmet. The girls also say a few words in Marathi. Later, people and traffic start to converge at the incident and that’s when all of them leave from the spot. However, only after a few seconds, the girls stopped to argue even more with the vlogger and they exchange a few more words.

Who is right here? Well, in India, there is no concept of the right of way. Most motorists just want to jump in to take a corner, a turn or take the gap left between two vehicles in the traffic. Since almost everyone holding a valid driving license in India has not gone through any formal traffic rule training, most of them do not know about such things. It will take years before traffic rules in India are followed as strictly as in the developed nation. Till then, all we can do is be vigilant and safe.