Girls release scooter from ‘Jammer’ & escape paying fine: Cops hunt them down!

Unauthorised parking of vehicles has become major menace inside the city limits. Even though there are regular drives against such illegally parked vehicles by the authorities who tow them away from the spot, the problem does not go away. Towing illegal vehicles requires a lot of manpower and it is a tedious process. Instead, the cops have adopted a new technique to issue a fine to such culprits.

Girls release scooter from ‘Jammer’ & escape paying fine: Cops hunt them down!

Like many developed countries, the traffic police of many states have now adopted the tyre jammers. These are special devices that are put around the wheels of the illegally parked vehicles and cannot remove easily. The cops remove it once the fine is paid for parking the vehicle illegally. Most of such illegal parking is done by the two-wheelers and in the past, Pune Traffic Police has done massive drives to issue challans a number of illegally parked illegally together.

In a similar instance, Pune Traffic Police used the tyre jammers to lock down a few scooters at illegal parking in the city. Two female riders, whose scooter was also clamped down by the cops for parking it illegally somehow got rid of the device and left the spot when the cops were not giving attention. They left the device on the spot itself. On discovering the same, the cops present on the site contacted the control room who then started looking for these culprits. Both the girls were caught with the scooter by the Pune Police team when they were filling up the air on the roadside as reported by YinBuzz. The police then asked the girls to pay the fine. It is not known if any other action was taken on them.

Taking off the tyre clamp is illegal. There are many who have boasted in the past of breaking the clamp or even putting the spare wheel instead to escape the fine. However, all such activities are illegal and the cops can seize the vehicle. Illegal parking is something that should be handled in a better way. One should only park at designated parking spots. Illegal parking also causes traffic jams and reduces the usable space on the roads.

Girls release scooter from ‘Jammer’ & escape paying fine: Cops hunt them down!

Apart from the clamps, the cops in foreign countries have been using many other innovative ways to take down the illegally parked vehicles. Some of them also use a device that blocks the view of the driver and put it up on the windscreen. It can only be removed by the cops after the fine is paid. In Kerala, the cops even started to shame such vehicle drivers by pasting their name and address on the windscreen of the cars. Well, there are many such ways to curb the illegal parking but until the motorists take responsibility, such things cannot be stopped.

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