Global NCAP shows Mahindra XUV700’s Automatic Emergency Braking

Mahindra XUV700 is a hit in the Indian market. It comes with a lot of features which also includes an Advanced Driver Aids System. One of the features of the ADAS is Automatic Emergency Braking. Here, we have a video that shows a demo of this feature.

The video is shared on Twitter by Global NCAP to increase awareness among people. In the video, we can see that there is a white coloured XUV700 that is equipped with ADAS equipment. The video shows us the Automatic Emergency Braking feature in action. There is a dummy car placed in front of the XUV700 and it brakes automatically. The same test is also conducted with a dummy human and the SUV successfully brakes automatically.

Global NCAP shows Mahindra XUV700’s Automatic Emergency Braking

The Automatic Emergency Braking system uses various sensors and radars that are mounted in front of the vehicle. They can sense if someone or something is in front of the SUV and if the driver does not apply the brakes then the car can automatically apply the brakes. There is also a Front Collision Warning system that shows a warning in the instrument cluster if the SUV is about to hit something in front of it.

There are various Advanced Driver Aids Systems that come with the XUV700. We have already explained front collision warning and Automatic Emergency Braking. It also comes with Adaptive Cruise Control in which the sensors and the radars track the car going in front of you and can automatically increase or decrease the speed.

Global NCAP shows Mahindra XUV700’s Automatic Emergency Braking

Then there is Smart Pilot Assist. This feature uses the same sensors and radars to also steer the vehicle automatically. XUV700 also comes with Lane Keep Assist which helps the SUV in staying in a designated lane. There is also a Lane Departure Warning which alerts the driver when the SUV starts drifting out of the lane.

Global NCAP shows Mahindra XUV700’s Automatic Emergency Braking

XUV700 also comes with Traffic Sign Recognition so the SUV can detect a road sign and will display it in the instrument cluster. Finally, there is High Beam Assist which will change the headlamp to a low beam if it detects that there is a vehicle coming from in front of you. If you get the Luxury Pack then you also get Stop and Go function with Adaptive Cruise Control.

Global NCAP shows Mahindra XUV700’s Automatic Emergency Braking

XUV700 Price and variants

The prices of XUV700 start at Rs. 12.49 lakhs ex-showroom and goes up to Rs. 22.99 lakhs ex-showroom. There are two trims on offer, namely MX and AX. The MX trim is the base variant and is offered only as a 5-seater. The AX trim consists of AX3, AX5 and AX7. If you want to get the ADAS equipment, then you would have to get the top-end AX7 variant which starts at Rs. 17.99 lakhs ex-showroom.

Engine and gearbox

Mahindra XUV700 comes with a petrol as well as a diesel engine. Both the engines are offered with a manual gearbox as well as an automatic transmission. You can also get the top-end AX7 variant with an all-wheel drivetrain if you opt for the diesel engine.

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