GM temporarily stops production of Sail and U-Va diesel variants

General Motors has apparently temporarily suspended the production of the Chevrolet Tavera BS-3 variant and also stopped producing the diesel variants of the Chevrolet Sail sedan and the Chevrolet Sail U-Va because of some quality issues.

According to a report in AutoX, GM has identified a potential emissions problem with the BS-3 variant of the Chevrolet Tavera (a variant not sold in metros). It has also apparently identified a quality issue with the 1.3 litre diesel engine used in both the Chevrolet Sail and Chevrolet Sail U-Va and is stopping production temporarily to fix the issue. Also read: Chevrolet Sail compared against all entry-sedans

GM temporarily stops production of Sail and U-Va diesel variants

General Motors has, however, clarified that neither of these issues is a safety-related issue. The petrol variant of the Chevrolet Sail and Chevrolet Sail U-Va will continue to be produced and sold. The nature of the problem with the Chevrolet Sail diesel and the Sail U-Va diesel is not known, although it has something to do with the engine. But if it was the engine, the Chevrolet Enjoy too should have been affected, as that has the same 1.3 litre diesel engine that the Chevrolet Sail and U-Va have. This 1.3 litre diesel engine was co-developed by Fiat and GM some years ago, and is almost identical to the one used in the Fiat Punto, the Maruti Swift and the Tata Vista among other cars. Also read:Chevrolet Sail first-drive impression: Practical, but uninteresting sedan

However, the Chevrolet Enjoy could probably have been spared the production halt because the layout of the engine in the Enjoy is different – it is a rear-wheel drive orientation. Therefore, the issue with the Sail and U-Va could probably have to do with the orientation of the engine in the vehicle – in the front-wheel drive layout. It could be either an issue with the mounting or with the transmission in these cars. Also read: Chevrolet Sail U-Va video review – spacious and practical family hatch

Once GM figures out the solution to the issue it is facing in these two cars, you can expect GM to issue a recall to all owners of Sail and U-Va diesel cars to fix the issue in their cars as well.

Watch this space.

Source: AutoX