GMC Denali next to a Honda City looks gigantic

The American guzzlers are popular around the world for their sheer size and power. Because of the utilitarian value, the pick-up trucks are quite popular in the USA and brands like GMC and Ford compete for the best trucks and SUVs in the market. GMC, which is a part of General Motors is one of the oldest companies in the USA and they even supply vehicles for the presidents and most important personalities of the country.

GMC Denali next to a Honda City looks gigantic

GMC are not on sale in the Indian market officially. However, there are many who import these vehicles to India officially and even get them converted from LHD to RHD to register and use them in India. Here is one such GMC Sierra Denali that is imported by an enthusiast in India.

The vehicle was spotted in Pune, Maharashtra. While in the pictures, we do not get to see the massiveness of these vehicles and there is nothing much to compare these monsters in the USA as most of the cars are full-size SUVs.

GMC Denali next to a Honda City looks gigantic

These pictures posted by Premster14 and CarCrazyIndia show how big the GMC Sierra Denali HD is in real life. The vehicle is parked next to a Honda City and you can see the monstrous measurements of the vehicle.

Honda City is not a small car according to Indian standards. It is a mid-size sedan and measures close to 4.5 metres, which makes it longer than the hatchbacks that you see on the Indian roads. But alongside the Sierra Denali, the City looks puny, to say the least.

Big vehicles on Indian roads

GMC Denali next to a Honda City looks gigantic

According to the official measurements, the GMC Sierra HD Denali measures close to 6 metres in length, which can dwarf most of the vehicles in the Indian mass-segment category. In fact, from the side, it completely hides the Honda City.

We are not sure about the engine option that powers this truck but the least powerful engine available with the model is a petrol guzzler. It is a massive 6.6-litre V8 engine that generates a maximum power of 401 PS and a peak torque of 629 Nm.

With the shrinking Indian roads and the addition of thousands of cars daily, there is actually no space for such big vehicles on the Indian roads. It can become rather tiring driving such massive vehicles through the Indian city roads as most of the time, you will keep looking for space to move ahead safely.

With the government’s policy to promote sub-4m cars with small engines with tax reduction and congested city roads, most people choose small cars to navigate easily through the roads. That is why vehicles like pick-up trucks never became quite popular in the Indian market.

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