GMC Denali parked next to a Honda City shows off its MASSIVENESS!

Big American SUVs are known around the world for their raw power and massive size. Well, the US market is also quite popular when it comes to pick-up trucks, which is simply known as the trucks in the local market. GMC, which is part of General Motors is known to make some biggest and meanest trucks and SUVs in the world. While these vehicles are not officially sold in India, enthusiasts do import them to the country and use them here.

GMC Denali parked next to a Honda City shows off its MASSIVENESS!

A GMC Sierra Denali HD was spotted in Pune City, Maharashtra. A private car owner has imported it from the USA and is using it on the Indian roads. To give you an idea of its sheer size and magnanimous measurements, here are a few pictures of the GMC Sierra Denali HD parked next to a Honda City. The pictures are by Premster14 and CarCrazyIndia.

Even though Honda City is a mid-size sedan in the Indian market, by no means the sedan looks small on the roads. It measures close to 4.5 metres in length, which ensures that it looks bigger than most of the other vehicles on the roads. But it just cannot compete with the big bad American truck when it comes to the size comparison.


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According to the official measurements, the GMC Sierra HD Denali measures close to 6 metres in length, which can dwarf most of the vehicles in the Indian mass-segment category. In fact, from the side, it completely hides the Honda City. We are not sure about the engine option that powers this truck but the least powerful engine available with the model is a petrol guzzler. It is a massive 6.6-litre V8 engine that generates a maximum power of 401 PS and a peak torque of 629 Nm.

Size matters

GMC Denali parked next to a Honda City shows off its MASSIVENESS!

Size does matters, especially on the Indian roads which are shrinking due to the number of vehicles. Every day thousands of vehicles are added to the roads, which already have limited space and that creates chaos. Pick-up trucks never became popular in India and one of the primary reasons behind that is the size of the vehicle. The cumbersome pick-up trucks are just too big to navigate around the city roads, especially the heavily crowded market areas.

In the USA, where the population is a fraction of India and most roads remain moderately crowded, such big vehicles find enough space to run around. Even the price of the fuel is extremely cheap in the USA, which is why such massive gas guzzlers can be used in daily driving vehicles.

GMC Denali parked next to a Honda City shows off its MASSIVENESS!

In India, there are quite a few restrictions on the size of the engines and the size of the cars. The government provide special tax concessions to vehicles below 4m in length and that too, if the petrol engine is smaller than 1.2-litre and the diesel engine is smaller than 1.5-litre dispacement. This has created a new segment of vehicles and has made the Indian market different from the rest of the world where there are no such restrictions.