Go wide: India’s 10 best body kitted cars

We take a look at a 10 wide-body kitted cars from across the country:


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After the Swift, the Polo is one of the most mod friendly hatchbacks in India. The reason behind that is that since it is a global product, there are a lot of parts available for the same across the world.

This one has got a custom wide body built for it courtesy 360 Motoring. There are other mods on the car as well in addition to the flared fenders. There are custom bumpers, both at the front and the back which give the Polo a new look.

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The vehicle is now finished in a unique pearl blue shade that certainly increases it’s appeal. To complete the mod list, the vehicle has also been lowered using Vogtland springs so give it a nice stance.


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Like we mentioned above, the Swift is one of the most mod friendly cars in the country. Since the Swift was the first properly sporty vehicle to be launched by the company, it found a lot of takers. Caddy Crewz has done up a few Swifts over the past few years. This one is one of the very few wide body Swift’s in India.

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Up front, it sports a bumper which has been borrowed from the more stylish Swift Sport version. In addition to that, it has a front lip spoiler, a bonnet scoop and aftermarket LED headlamps with projectors.

On the side, you will notice the flared fenders, both at the back and the front. The front fender also has slits on them. At the back, the tail lamp cluster has been replaced with the Swift Sport one and there is a new bumper with dual exhausts and a diffuser.


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The Civic has always been seen as a sporty car ever since it was introduced. The low seating position and the cockpit like digital speedometer at the eye level were a few things that appealed to the customer. Since it was such a sporty car, there are quite a few modified examples in the country.

This one features a custom CR-Z body kit which means it has a completely reworked front end with an all new bumper, bonnet and grill. The headlamps are also aftermarket ones with LEDs. It also has custom wide fenders that make it look cool. This in combination with the large wheels give it a really nice stanced look.


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Ever since the Type Z City was discontinued, Honda didn’t really make the City to cater to the enthusiasts. They aimed the car at those who wanted a premium sedan that was efficient. That didn’t stop customers from making their City sporty though.

This one featured here has a massive wide body kit which actually looks really nice in my opinion. The car has also been repainted in a bright red shade and it looks nice. The car features a custom bumper,grill, bonnet and of course the fenders have been extended to give it a wide-body look. The car also has deep dish alloys to complete the stanced look.


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It looks like this Japanese brand has a lot of following in the aftermarket world. After the City and the Civic, now is time for the smallest member of the brand to join this list. The Brio is a cute little car that is fun to drive.

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This owner has opted to give the cute little car a little bit more muscle. He has opted for a custom wide body kit which looks really nice on the car since it has been lowered and now sits on larger tyres. There are a lot more mods planned for this one though.

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