Goa Chief Minister stops, & helps accident victim: Sets a good example [Video]

Road accidents can happen with anyone and at any point in time. For most road accident victims, early help is probably the best remedy as that can create a difference between life and death. Recently, a woman riding a Honda Activa scooter in Goa, unfortunately, got involved in an accident. This happened at the Zuari bridge which is mostly a busy route. At the same time, the Chief Minister of Goa was passing though Zuari bridge and upon seeing the accident victim, he instantly came to her rescue. The video below by In Goa 24×7 shows how the CM examined the victim’s condition and made sure she’s taken care of.

To let you know, Pramod Sawant (CM) is also a doctor in alternative medicine. As seen in the video he examined the woman’s wounds and then facilitated her visit to the nearest hospital in a car from his convoy. That’s actually a very just and kind gesture by the CM of the coastal state. He got to the woman before an ambulance or police unit and even escorted the wounded tourist to a nearby hospital in his own convoy. Well, political beliefs aside, this deed certainly needs to be applauded.

Chief Minister Pramod Sawant had actually returned from Delhi after a political meeting. While travelling from Dabolim airport to Panaji, he saw an accident at Zuari bridge, which is among Goa’s most flocked bridge as it links South Goa with North Goa. The Chief Minister than instructed his driver to stop the car immediately and got down to check upon the woman. Apparently, she had fallen from her Honda Activa scooter for some reason and was clearly in need of medical attention. As there wasn’t an ambulance on the spot yet, the Goa CM got down to help her. He asked his men to get her some water and then later escorted her to a nearby hospital in one of his cars.

Goa Chief Minister stops, &  helps accident victim: Sets a good example [Video]

Seeing the Chief Minister of a state behaving like a Good Samaritan should be taken upon as an example by other government officials and politicians too. In situations like these, the response time is very critical and can save a person’s life even if the accident has resulted in a life-threatening condition. Thankfully though, this particular accident apparently does not seem to be fatal but still, things could have taken a worse turn had she not received immediate attention. In several road accident cases, mental trauma and shock are sometimes more consequential than physical injuries which can lead to other complications in heart patients or people with other such medical records. Therefore, the quick response of just picking them up and offering water can bring them back to senses and sometimes avoid further mental and health complications.

As a responsible road user, one must always stop and try to help a road accident victim as that can result in a life-saving effort. Call the emergency services like police and ambulance the instant you see an accident and if the accident is not fatal, try to comfort the victims and offer them water. These simple efforts could result in a crucial difference in the survival of an accident victim.