Goa ex-minister Mickey Pacheco drives Toyota Landcruiser SUV on the beach; Gets aggressive when questioned (Video)

Seen here is a video from Goa, which shows yet another brazen display of arrogance and unlawful attitude of one our politicians. Mickey Pacheco, an ex-minister from Goa, recently drove his Toyota Landcruiser Prado SUV on the Majorda beach. Driving a motor vehicle on the beach without the express permission of the authority is a punishable offence. However, Pacheco seems to be least bothered when it comes to rules and regulations. Anyway, while driving on the beach, he decides to drive over a parachute that was spread on the sand; probably just back from giving an aerial tour of the beach to some tourist.

As can be clearly seen in the video, the parachute has been damaged by the SUV. The owner of the parachute decides to find out the vehicle by following the tire-tracks made on the sand. His search leads to a Land Cruiser SUV parked alongside a shack. The owner approaches Pacheco and questions him for driving on the beach. In response, he gets two middle-fingers pointed at him. The video goes on to show the rude behaviour of the drunk ex-minister, who is in such an inebriated state that he loses his balance while trying to get off the chair. Of course, the high-handedness shown by Pacheco isn’t of much help to the parachute-owner, who decided to walk back to his damaged equipment.

The ex-minister’s unabashed behavior doesn’t end here. Soon, he gets into his SUV and tries to run over the parachute owner. Of course, the minister is in such a drunken state that he isn’t successful in driving the SUV beyond 200-meters from the shack. By then, some cops surrounded the damaged parachute to inquire about the situation. The video doesn’t show if any action was taken against the ex-minister and his friends. However, this is yet another sad example of the low regard that some of our politicians have for the very citizens they swear to protect.