Goa police seizes 40 motorcycles – mainly Royal Enfields – for modified silencers

The traffic police authorities of the Goan city Margoa recently performed a major clampdown on the increasing number of two-wheelers with illegal modifications in their city. The cops managed to seize around 40 motorcycles with modified exhausts and have registered 45 cases involving these motorcycles. Most of the motorbikes that have been seized by the authorities belong to the Royal Enfield brand which is notoriously famous for getting loud exhausts that can make deafening banging noises.

Goa police seizes 40 motorcycles – mainly Royal Enfields – for modified silencers

During an interview with media agencies, Margao Traffic Police Cell Head, PI Gautam Salunke, stated that the Traffic Police had initiated a concentrated operation against motorbikes with modified silencers. “These two-wheelers with the modified silencers have not only violated the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act but have been posing nuisance and pollution to the citizens, including senior citizens,” He further added, “Instructions have been issued to the traffic police officials and staff drafted for duties to impound all motorcycles with modified silencers,”

Magoa police stated that it will report the offenses to the court for prosecution while the bikes equipped with modified silencers are attached and detained at the Margao police station. The stepped-up enforcement of traffic laws coincides with a dramatic increase in traffic deaths in the first two months of the year. The incident also has relevance since it occurs in response to concerns from older residents about the noise pollution brought on by motorbikes with modified silencers.

To combat the same problem of modified silencers, the state administration of Allahabad was contacted by the High Court of Allahabad to take action against noise-polluting silencers. They claimed that the Royal Enfield Bullets and other new-generation sports motorcycles are a big part of the reason why noise pollution is getting worse. By removing their mufflers, the motorbike owners have modified their vehicles. This made the motorcycle loud enough to be heard hundreds of metres away, stated the high court.

Judge Abdul Moin of the Allahabad High Court issued the injunction after being alerted on the spot to noise pollution brought on by two-wheeler silencer modifications. Due to the silencer modifications, the motorcycles were producing noise that exceeded 80 decibels, which is prohibited by the Motor Vehicle Act. The judge said that the modified silencers problem is like Hydra. You would cut off one of the Hydra’s heads, and two more would take its place.

Goa police seizes 40 motorcycles – mainly Royal Enfields – for modified silencers

The court acknowledged that the State Government had previously stepped in and assisted in putting a halt to the improper use of loudspeakers. In order to lessen engine noise and exhaust noise, the Motor Vehicle Act mandates that every vehicle be equipped with a silencer. There are restrictions on how loud a particular vehicle may be as well. The volume is set at 80 decibels.

Allahabad High Courts official order stated, “As soon as the menace of sound pollution through loudspeakers was somewhat controlled, the Hydra of noise pollution again reared its ugly head and now the noise pollution is being experienced through the modified mufflers on the silencers of two-wheelers more particularly Bullets and other new era two-wheelers which are speeding on the streets of the state capital. The vehicle riders have modified the noise mufflers/silencers so much so that a vehicle being driven can be heard hundreds of meters away whereby causing immense discomfort to the old, aged, and infirm persons as well as young children and other persons who may require silence,”

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