Your next Goa road trip can easily end in an accident: 6 reasons why

Goa has always been a go-to destination for the citizens in surrounding states like Maharashtra. With the lockdown rules relaxed than before, many are flocking to Goa but the rising number of accidents is extremely worrisome. As per official MoRTH data, there are 217.7 accidents every 1 lakh people in Goa. It is the highest rate of road accidents anywhere and here are the reasons, which especially apply to the tourists visiting the state.

Tourist mindset

Most people see Goa as a gateway and after landing, their mindset is relaxed and happy, so much that some may even feel giddy. Away from the traffic-filled city roads, the narrow roads of Goa sure enhance the driving experience. Most Goan roads are narrow and there are several ghat sections that have sudden curves. Also, most of the stretches in Goa are unlit unlike the major cities of the country. The carefree mindset ensures that the drivers do not remain in high alertness and that’s when the accidents cause.

Rental vehicles

Rental vehicles are abused by various renters and it is no secret how most maintain these vehicles. Many less-experienced people go on to rent two-wheelers like scooters or motorcycles and four-wheels like open-top jeeps and cars in Goa to explore around. However, lack of experience, coupled with ill-maintained vehicles can cause accidents. Imagine riding a two-wheeler years after driving only four-wheelers in cities, it sure requires some practice.

Unknown bad roads

The roads in Goa are quite well-maintained but just like roads of any other part of the country, there are a few bad patches. While the curving, narrow stretches will put you in a race mode, a dopey or drunk tourist will not be alert enough to handle the situation. Many tourists ride and drive at high speeds on these roads without giving much attention to the potholes or rough patches or even fallen tree branches. This means a recipe for disaster in making.

No skilled driving

Years of driving a car or riding a scooter will make you a precise driver or a rider but if you have not done that, you may want to stay cool and handle the roads with patience. A small mistake or a move can put you in the tally of accidents that happen in the state every year.

Don’t compete with locals

If a local overtakes you on the roads, do not get into the race mode. They are locals, they know the roads much better than you, which is why they can ride or drive quicker than you. matching their speed or asking them to race you will just make you push your limits and you may end up in an accident. Always be at a comfortable pace and give way to the vehicles who want to go faster than you.

Stray animals

While stray animals are a problem all over India and are not limited to Goa, there is a huge problem in Goa. Since most of the roads have blind corners, you will see a slow-moving animal crossing across the street. There are a few organisations and NGOs who work towards making the place safe but garbage dumped on the roadside attracts such animals regardless. Goa has a huge stray dog population too and during the monsoons, stray cattle appear on the roads causing accidents.

Shantonil Nag

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