Goa Tourist in Hyundai i20 Starts Dancing After Crashing Into Multiple Cars [Video]

hyundai i20 goa tourist dancing after crash

Tourists in Goa behaving irresponsibly on the road have made the news several times. People coming from other states or countries often create chaos on the roads and beaches. While cops do take action against such tourists, these incidents continue to occur. This time, we have a video from Goa of a tourist dancing on the road after crashing his rental car into multiple vehicles.

The video was shared by O Heraldo Goa on their YouTube channel. In this video, we see a Hyundai i20, which is a self-drive rental car. The front windshield of the hatchback is shattered, and the front bumper and bonnet of the car are also damaged. The report mentions that the driver of the i20, who is said to be a tourist, rammed the hatchback into several cars on the road.

One of the car owners, whose car was damaged by the tourist, started chasing the i20 driver and made him stop the car. When the person questioned the i20 driver about his behavior, he simply got out of the vehicle with a huge speaker, played a song through his phone, and started dancing to the song on the road.

After dancing for a while, he got back into the car. The person didn’t seem to care about the chaos he had created on the road. The report mentions that there was no sign of police on the road, which made people even more furious. The incident happened on the Siolim-Morjim road. We can see the tourist talking to the owner of the damaged car, but it is not clear whether the issue was resolved or any action was taken against the tourist in this case.

It appears the person driving the rented car was drunk, but there is no confirmation of this. He probably crashed into multiple vehicles after losing control. This is not the first time we have seen such an incident in Goa.

Goa Tourist in Hyundai i20 Starts Dancing After Crashing Into Multiple Cars [Video]
Tourists dancing on the road after crashing car

We have seen videos where tourists in their vehicles illegally drive on the beach and get royally stuck in the sand. Driving on beaches in Goa or any part of the country is illegal, and concerned authorities can take action against offenders in such cases.

Similarly, in Goa, people often drive vehicles under the influence of alcohol, causing several accidents in the past. We have seen videos where a tourist who rented a Mahindra Thar drove into a paddy field and destroyed the crops. It was found that the driver was drunk, and appropriate action was taken against the driver.

We have also seen videos of people doing stunts on moving cars after getting drunk. Not just adults, but we have seen kids standing out of the sunroof of moving vehicles in Goa. It is high time that the police and authorities take strict action against such offenders.

This is probably the first time we have come across an incident like this, where the driver took out a large Bluetooth speaker and started dancing to the music on the road after crashing into multiple vehicles.