Gold Wing Trike: Owner explains how he imported this 62 lakh rupee luxury cruiser [Video]

Honda Gold Wing from Japanese two-wheeler manufacturer is something that can be called as the ultimate cruising machine. It is the epitome of luxury. You will find features on this motorcycle that are usually seen on premium or even luxury cars. In foreign countries these high end heavy luxury cruiser bikes are available in Trike avatar. Couple of weeks ago, an image of a Honda Gold Wing Trike surfaced the internet. Here we have a video about the same trike with the owner explaining how he imported this luxury cruiser to India.

The video has been uploaded by Kaumudy on their youtube channel. The owner first explains about the features of the trike and how an extra wheel makes it more safe than normal two wheeler or a bike. He even explains the features that the Gold Wing offers like, the waterproof speakers from JBL with excellent audio outputs, CB Radio, FM Radio, music system, cruise control etc.

He also shows a compartment below the rear passenger seat that can be used to store luggage. Apart from that the panniers behind the rear seat can also accommodate fair amount of things in it. The owner Mr. Babu John who is the owner of this bike also tells that this trike has total fuel capacity of 55 litres which is much more than many of the small hatchbacks in our country.

Gold Wing Trike: Owner explains how he imported this 62 lakh rupee luxury cruiser [Video]

Mr. John who is an NRI business man, got this trike imported to India from UAE and his experience according to him was not very pleasant. He got it imported 14 months ago and since then Customs was not ready to release this trike due to various reasons. Later the owner of this trike moved to court and took legal action and got the bike released after paying the custom duty.

He said when he went to release his bike, the condition of the bike was very bad and many of the functions and features of this trike were not working as the wiring was cut by rats. As we can’t easily locate a mechanic here in India who can repair Gold Wing he had to bring one from Dubai. It took him around 11 hours to fix the bike and bring it back to the way t is right now.

Gold Wing comes with a six-cylinder, 1,832cc engine that generates a maximum of 118 BHP of power. It has a 5-speed gear box and it also gets a reverse gear too. Gold Wing is available in India but at select Honda showrooms across the country and if you plan to buy one, it is going to cost you around Rs 30 lakh ex-showroom.