Feedback: What’s good and bad about the new Beat diesel

Beat diesel’s features have gotten people talking, with some even wondering whether the diesel version would give its petrol peers heartburn. A selection of the best insights and feedback the CarToq members had to offer after the Beat diesel was launched earlier this week on July 25.

Feedback: What’s good and bad about the new Beat diesel

Real value for money

Hrishi Acharya: Beat offers real value for money when compared to Ritz and Figo. Beat has new engineering technology and a good design, along with great features like climate control (in the top-end Beat diesel LT Option) ABS, and alloy wheels. For Rs. 5.45 lakh, it’s a great deal.

Diesel engine with great mileage

Anuvansh Boora: In the power department, it’s almost equal to Wagon R or Santro — which cost about Rs 3.50 lakh but suck your blood if you drive them on petrol. Beat is just  Rs 60-70,000 more, but with diesel engine and great mileage.

Pradhuman Jallandhra: I think Beat will offer greater fuel efficiency.

Not enough power?

Rajawat Bharat: How much could I get a 1000cc engine … I would choose Figo over Beat.

Anupam Potdar: If the buyer is young, why would he buy such an underpowered car when he could get a more powerful and efficient car? I don’t see the point of Beat, unless one is really stuck on buying it!

Pradhuman Jallandhra: Beat has a 3-cylinder engine. Figo has a four-cylinder engine. Let’s see what happens.

Charan Bhawnani: Beat is a torquey diesel and will be sufficient for most of our needs. It’ll  just be little slower on the highways.

Anupam Potdar: It’s better than Ritz only slightly in the looks department and that’s it.


Pradhuman Jallandhra: Personally, I love Beat’s looks. The front looks like an SUV’s and the compact sides.

Feedback: What’s good and bad about the new Beat diesel
Photo: Chevrolet Beat


Anupam Potdar: Unless Beat is drastically cheaper and has crazily good fuel efficiency in the real world as well, it would be OK for a bachelor or a new family guy who’s willing to sell it after 3-5 years (because of the space problems). Unless you get it for 4 lakhs…That would be a bargain.

Pulkit Kumar Singh: I have driven all Chevrolet cars except the Optra Magnum, and this much I can say for sure — GM is a different category. I felt that the handling , gearbox, suspension and durability, and stability at higher speeds are far better that all what Beat’s rivals can boast of.

Aravind Anbu: A car buyer looks for value for money, performance, mileage and features more than whether the car has a 4 cylinder engine or 3 cylinder engine. It makes sense that the Beat will put pressure on Figo and Ritz.

Atul Patro: Rizt is better than Beat in terms of space and performance. Beat is too compact.GM needs to do more surveys. Indians need more spacious cars.