Good quality riding gear saves motorcyclists’ lives: Live example

motorcycle gear saves rider lives

The biking culture in India has grown over the decades. India is also one of the largest markets for two-wheelers, and that is one of the reasons why many new brands are entering the country. While we have a decent population in the country that rides two-wheelers, there are many issues with the riders. One of the main issues is with the way of riding. Many do not take safety very seriously; they ride motorcycles without helmets and any other type of safety gear. The majority of the riders do not even wear a riding jacket while on the bike. Here, we have a video that shows how good quality riding gear can actually save the life of a biker.

The video has been shared by royalenfieldholic on their Instagram page. It was recorded by a rider’s helmet-mounted camera. We can see a Harley Davidson rider and a Suzuki Hayabusa in front of him. The Harley rider is coasting, and suddenly he sits on the seat and applies the rear brake. The rear wheel of the bike locks, and the bike starts skidding.

The tail of the bike swings out, and the rider loses control. The rider did try his best to regain control, but it was of no use. The bike was going just over 60 kmph when this happened. The reason why this happened was probably because the rider on the Suzuki Hayabusa was overtaking a bus that was moving through the left lane. The bikes were on the parallel road next to a flyover, and through the gap under the bridge, a Bolero pickup also joined the road at the same time.

Good quality riding gear saves motorcyclists’ lives: Live example
Riding gear saves biker

The Harley rider was not expecting the Hayabusa to change lanes, and that was probably the reason why he was coasting. The Harley rider panicked when he saw the Hayabusa moving closer towards him. He sat down and applied brakes. He applied the brakes a bit too hard, which locked the rear wheels. It looks like the ABS on the bike was turned off.

The crash guard rubbed against the road, and the rider jumped off the motorcycle almost immediately. If you ever fall from a motorcycle, never hold on to the bike as it would drag you along and result in more injuries. Ideally, you should let the bike go and ensure that you are safe. The rider was wearing a proper riding helmet and jacket. He was also wearing riding shoes. The rider rolled on the road and immediately got up as he was in the middle of the road. There were not many vehicles on the road when this happened.

The biker can be seen walking to the side of the road while his fellow riders stop and help him pick up the motorcycle. If you notice the video carefully, the rider escaped the accident without any major injuries. The only reason why that was possible was because he was wearing riding gear. Even if he had hit his head on the road, he wouldn’t have gotten injured, as that is what a good quality riding helmet does. Similarly, good quality jacket and riding boots would protect the rider from injuries in case of such accidents. This is why it is extremely important to wear riding gear while riding a motorcycle.