Google founder Larry Page’s flying car: First flight on VIDEO

While flying cars have been largely restricted to the realms of science fiction, some recent developments could be a hint of this dream transforming into reality. Kitty Hawk, a start-up that is being supported by Google co-founder Larry Page is only a few steps away from coming up with a ‘real’ flying car. Seen below is a video of American YouTuber Casey Neistat testing Kitty Hawk’s flying car.

A few days ago, Kitty Hawk revealed a sleek looking prototype of its electric vehicle. Dubbed as the Flyer, this vehicle was first revealed last year. Back then, it was an open-seated, seemingly unfinished product that came with eight battery-powered propellers. It tipped the scales at 90.7 kgs. The latest prototype, however, looks far more attractive owing to its sleek, drone-like design. It has also become slightly heavier and now weighs 113.3 kgs. It also gets two more propellers. The latest prototype has a top speed of 32 kmph and can achieve a maximum elevation of 10 feet. As per Kitty Hawk, the one-seater Flyer is “designed to be easy to fly and flown for recreational purposes over water and uncongested areas”.

Talking about the ease of operation, the company claims that a pilot needs just two hours of training to be able to fly this vehicle properly. Casey Neistat, the Youtuber who recently tested this flying car, described the Kitty Hawk Flyer as “amazing”. He also said, “If this thing didn’t have these limiters on it, I would have taken it up to 500 feet”. Currently, the Kitty Hawk Flyer has been classified as an ultralight aircraft in the US. Hence, one doesn’t need a special licence to use it. It’s not known if the Flyer would go on sale anytime soon, but interested buyers can become a part of the ‘Founders Series’ group for online booking.

Video source – Casey Neistat on Youtube