Google Maps now offers a ‘two wheeler mode’ in India – World-first feature

Google Maps is is one navigation app that almost everyone of us owning a smartphone use in order to get to our destination quickly and efficiently. The Navigation function of Google Maps in India was available only in car-mode so far. Now, Google Maps has rolled out an India-specific feature – Two Wheeler Mode.

Google Maps now offers a ‘two wheeler mode’ in India – World-first feature

Presently, this mode is available nowhere else in the world, and has been built specifically for the Indian market. In the coming months and years, more countries around the world – which have a large two wheeler riding population – will get this mode. Expect it to be rolled out in countries like Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, etc.

The two wheeler mode on Google Maps will show routes that are accessible only by two wheelers. Many of these roads shown on the two wheeler mode will be too narrow for cars. This mode will allow two wheeler users to get to their destinations faster, and also use short-cuts that cars cannot.

This mode was soft-launched a few weeks back, for beta-testers. Now though, it is available for everyone using Google Maps in India. If you don’t have Google Maps on your smartphone, you can download it for free from the PlayStore (Android users) and the App Store (Apple iOS) users.

Do note that the two wheeler mode in Google Maps is very new. So, you may encounter many wrong suggestions such as one-ways, closed roads, etc. in the two wheeler mode. Over time, Google will weed out wrong suggestions as the new feature stabilizes. You can also give feedback on the suggested routes through the navigation app itself. Until then, don’t rely on it totally. Do observe your surroundings and ride accordingly. When in doubt, pull over and ask people about the route. In India, there’s always someone who will be happy to guide you to your destination.