Goons attack cars & bikes with choppers in Pune: Arrested & paraded

In a shocking incident, two goons were spotted attacking vehicles and people with a sharp chopping knife in Pune, Maharashtra. The incident happened in the Pimple Nilakh area of Pimpri-Chinchwad and the video was taken from a distance, which later became viral on the Internet.

Based on the video, the police launched an investigation and arrested the goons too. The incident that took place at around 9 PM at the Takala Chowk shows two men armed with choppers. They swing the sharp knife at the vehicles that were passing through the road and were even attacking the riders on two-wheelers.

The goons attacked multiple vehicles at the spot and were running around to hit the passing vehicles. In fact, people saw them and even took U-turn to avoid them. The two men look drunk although the cops have not confirmed or released any details related to the incident.

Goons attack cars & bikes with choppers in Pune: Arrested & paraded

Both men damaged several vehicles that were passing through the road and even injured one person. We are not sure what triggered the goons to do such an act though. More details are awaited.

Both men arrested

Pune Police have arrested both the men and to reinstate confidence in the public in the area, the cops then paraded them cuffed on the roads. The police also took them to the same spot where they attacked the vehicles.

Pune Police is yet to release the details of the attackers or the sections under which they will be charged. It is quite possible that the cops will charge both the men with vandalism and various other charges.

Attacks happen on secluded roads

Attacks on the passing cars are quite common on the secluded highways across India. However, attacking cars in the middle of a city on a busy street is new and uncommon. There is a strong possibility that these men were intoxicated at the moment of the incident.

There is absolutely no way that one can avoid such incidents on the roads. This incident took place at 9 PM, which is not a late-night time and as the video shows, the roads are full of vehicles and commuters at this time.

Some scammers also target vehicles during the daytime on busy roads. An infamous gang from North India popular as the Thak Thak gang chose their targets in broad daylight and carry robberies by using specialised techniques.

The thak-thak gang have several members who diver the attention of the driver of the vehicle and then steal valuables like laptops, mobile phones and even cash bags from the cars. This is why one needs to be extremely careful on public roads even during daylight.

Staying extra careful and vigilant can only save people from such scams and attacks. Have you ever faced such a situation on the roads? If yes, do tell us about your experience in the comments section below.

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