Goons on motorcycle harass Pune couple and kid in car: Arrested after complaint received on Twitter [Video]

Harassment has always been a huge problem in India. Some people in the country believe that they can get away with troubling innocent people because of their power and might. However, this is not always the case and a lot of times these culprits get arrested and are served with the punishments that they deserve. In the most recent incident, a family of three was harassed by two idiots on a bike. These two individuals were weaving and dangerously maneuvering their bike in front of the car of the family that was trying to overtake them.

The video of the men on a bike not allowing the family to overtake them was shared on Twitter by Komal Shinde on March 12. The woman also tagged Pune Police and Pune traffic police in her post. It was noted that the driver of the bike was weaving the bike on the road in front of the car. The bike’s number plate had “Thug Life” written on it and the rider and his pillion were trying to act like real-life thugs.

The entire incident also went viral on the internet. The Tweet mentioned that the incident took place on Aundh Ravet BRTS road in Pimpri-Chinchwad, Pune. The woman who shared the original tweet then shared an update on March 15 that the goons were arrested by the police authorities.

In her update tweet she stated, “Received an update from @PCcityPolice these goons have been caught. Thank you for taking the action. Hope they’ve learned a lesson. Let’s make the city a safe place for everyone. Installing dash cam is going to be an added advantage. Be vigilant stay safe.” She further added, “I would urge @PCcityPolice to post your side as well, just so everyone knows this is not a silent tweeter handle and people can reach out to you in case of trouble.”

In another case of harassment, just a few days ago, a woman and her mother were seen getting attacked by some miscreants on the streets of Bengaluru. The entire incident of the harassment and attack on the two ladies was shared via a Twitter thread on the social media platform. The complainant also attached videos showing the vicious attacks on herself and her mother.

Goons on motorcycle harass Pune couple and kid in car: Arrested after complaint received on Twitter [Video]

The incident was shared by a woman named Kipii on Twitter. She described the incident in her first tweet by stating, “Today when me and my mother were driving home after dinner at a friend’s, we were attacked by miscreant riders who purposefully tried to collide with my car. When we stopped they tried to break and window and blocked the front and rear of my car. We managed to drive away unhurt.”

She also attached a video with this tweet where it was seen that man had blocked her way by getting a scooter in front of the woman’s car. He was then seen coming up to the window of the car and bashing the glass with his hands. another man can also be heard blaring in the background and also forcing their way inside the car. Kipii also shared another video where the man in the scooter was seen in coming and blocking the way in front of their car. A picture of the number plate of the accused mans scooter was also shared. Following this she also gave an update that the FIR had been filed and the accused were arrested.