Watch this talented Indian build this gorgeous miniature bus [Video]

Scale models are something that have always fascinated both young and old car enthusiasts. They are the exact copy of how the real version of a car looks normally. It is not just supercars and bikes that have scale models. Now one can find scale models for any vehicle, starting from a bicycle to heavy duty trucks and buses. Here we ahve one such video that shows how to make miniature version of a bus.

The video has been uploaded by K&K Automobiles Miniature Creativity on their Youtube channel. The model built here in the video is actually the miniature version of the Kerala State Transport Corporation’s Super Express Buses which was there on service from 1997 to 2000. According to the video, these buses had a unique in the way they sound and had a unique ‘L’ shape or curve to its gear lever.

The video then shows the building process of the model. The model is built from scratch using wood, Aluminium sheet, multi-wood, fibre glass etc. The artist starts by shaping the wood and placing aluminium sheets on them to built a basic frame of the bus. Once the basic frame is finished he goes into the details. The artist had keenly observed the real bus and tried to recreate every single thing in this model.

Watch this talented Indian build this gorgeous miniature bus [Video]

The windows, Front grille, The headlights , Tail lights, the rear glass, everything was looking exactly like the one from a real bus. Then he starts to paint the bus. To give the paint job the smooth finish he starts with a base coat of putty to fill in all the gaps and smoothen uneven surfaces. Then he goes for the iconic beige paint job with green stripes on it.

Coming to the tyres. The artist makes them from scratch too. He uses circular pieces of wood and fixes bearing wheels for smooth movement. He then wraps those tyres with rubber and paints the wall of the tyre black to make it look more authentic. The end product is actually an awesome looking miniature version bus that used to roll on the streets of Kerala a decade ago. This whole miniature model is all about details. From the paint job to the working lights and wipers all add up to the beauty of this model. It’s quite heartening to see people use their skill and creativity to build something like that. We hope that this video inspires more people to build such miniature vehicles.