Gorgeously modified Hero XPulse 200 looks ready for adventure

Hero XPulse has been appreciated by a lot of people for being the most affordable adventure motorcycle in the Indian market. The XPulse starts from Rs. 1.15 ex-showroom and then you can get upgrades for it. Or you can opt for the Rally Kit which costs Rs. 38,000. With the Rally Kit, the off-road capabilities of the XPulse are enhanced by a huge degree. Here we have an XPulse that has been completely modified to go off-road. The modification has been done by Tushar Doultani who has uploaded images of the motorcycle on his Instagram page.

Tushar has modified loads of things on his XPulse. First, we can see that the front of the motorcycle looks nothing like the stock XPulse. That is because the stock circular headlamps have been replaced with a square after-market unit. It comes with a new headlamp cowl that suits the new headlamp.

The handlebar is more upright and straight to provide more leverage to the rider when he rides while standing on the footpegs. The rearview mirrors have been removed and the motorcycle come s with some after-market knuckle guards. The mudguard has been removed and the beak is longer and sharper that gives the motorcycle its endure stance and looks. The rear of the motorcycle has also been modified to look like an enduro motorcycle.

There is no engine guard on the motorcycle to keep the weight down. However, there is a bash plate installed on the underbelly of the motorcycle to protect the engine. The motorcycle here has been equipped with the Rally Kit that we mentioned above. Installing the Rally Kit really enhances the off-roading capabilities of the motorcycle.

The Rally Kit comes with an extended gear shifter to fit the rally boots, rally seat which is flatter and taller making it easier to move around while off-roading and handlebar risers so that the rider does not need to lean while standing. The most important addition by the Rally Kit is the adjustable cartridge front suspension unit, a preload-adjustable rear suspension and knobby rally tires provided by Maxxis. Because of the longer suspension, the ground clearance of the motorcycle increases significantly due to which you also need a longer side stand which is offered with the Rally Kit.

Hero XPulse 200 comes with a single-cylinder, fuel-injected, oil-cooled petrol engine. It is capable of producing 17.8 bhp at 8,500rpm and 16.45 Nm of peak torque at 6,500rpm. The engine is mated to a 5-speed gearbox. The motorcycle weighs just 157 kgs which makes the motorcycle extremely agile and nimble while riding. The motorcycle also comes with spoked wheels, upswept-exhaust, bash plate and fork gaiters. All these things help in protecting the motorcycle while off-roading. Braking duties are done by discs at both ends. Just like any other off-roading motorcycle gets a larger 21-inch wheel at the front and an 18-inch wheel at the rear. Hero is offering Dual-channel ABS, a digital instrument cluster and Bluetooth connectivity with navigation. The fuel tank capacity is 14-litres which should be enough for touring as it is not really a thirsty engine.