Gorgeously restored Ford world war jeep runs on Mahindra Bolero diesel power [Video]

Restoring old vehicles is becoming a thing in our country. We have seen several such examples of restored vintage cars and bikes in the past. We have featured many such cars and two wheelers on our website. Jeep is one such segment which has a very cult following and many people have a soft corner for vintage Jeeps even though they were nowhere near comfortable or feature loaded. Here we have a video that shows a 1946 Ford GPW that has been restored and looks absolutely beautiful.

The video has been uploaded by YuVlogs on his youtube channel. The video starts by showing the vintage Ford GPW that has been restored. The Jeep looks in mint condition and a commendable job has been done by the restoration house. GPW was left hand drive vehicle and that is retained in this vehicle.

The front grille gets iconic vertical slats with round headlamps on either ends. The radiator fluid can can be seen placed on the front grille for easy access. The whole car gets a brown paint job including the steel wheels. The tyres are all new and are similar to the one that already came with the vehicle.

During the restoration process, the workshop had tried to retain as many as original parts that they could, for example, the frame that hold the soft top on this vehicle are all original and still have Ford’s logo on them. The rear of the car gets jerry can, regular tail lights and rear door mounted spare wheel.

On the inside, the seats have all been redone and get a black upholstery. Those are regular seats and the rear seat passengers get a side facing bench seats as we have seen in many other Jeeps. The GPW originally was a 4×4 vehicle but this restored example does not look like one. The original engine on this Jeep has been replaced with a diesel engine from Mahindra Bolero. The video does not mention anything about this vehicle being a 4×4 and the low ratio gearbox was also missing in the cabin. The vlogger also speaks to the owner of this Jeep and according to him it took around 8 months for completing this vehicle and the approximate cost of all this modification was Rs 3-3.5 lakh.