Now pay traffic challan through PayTM

The traffic police in Chennai now lets you pay fines through PayTM. Basically, you can use the popular e-wallet app to pay the challan amount on being caught by the traffic cops in the capital city of Tamil Nadu.

Now pay traffic challan through PayTM

Earlier this year, it came to light that the traffic offenders in certain parts of the country can pay the fine using a debit card or a credit card. Now, it looks like the traffic police in Chennai has gone a step ahead by allowing offenders to pay the challan amount through Paytm. Basically, one can scan the QR code issued in the e-challan and make the payment using the e-wallet.

It looks like this cashless fining system is an e-governance initiative of the government that aims to curb bribes taken by the traffic cops. On an average, an offender pays Rs 500 to Rs 1000 for a rule violation and there have been many instances of people escaping the fine by bribing the cops. As many as 300 swiping machines have also been distributed to the cops to enable offenders to pay fines through a credit card. The cops say that even the payment mechanism for using a debit card is being prepared and will be introduced in the coming days.

It’s also being said that the traffic police in Chennai is planning to make the challan system entirely cashless. This will not only bring a drastic reduction in cases of bribery, but will also help all those who prefer using e-wallets and credit/debit cards over physical cash. Moreover, the cops will not even stop the offender to fine him. Instead, the CCTV cameras will record the vehicle’s registration number and a challan will be sent to the address where the motor vehicle is registered. The offenders will have to pay the challan amount using the aforementioned ‘cashless’ methods.

It may be noted here that the cashless fining system is currently applicable only to spot fines and not to cases of drunken driving, which can be resolved only in a court after being supported by the relevant medical documents. The cashless and contactless fining system is expected to be adopted by most major cities across the country.

News courtesy – The Hindu, Image source- DNA